Publicações de doutorandos e doutores formados nos últimos cinco anos – Pós-graduação em Matemática Aplicada

Em 2019:

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L.F. Bueno, G. Haeser, F. Lara, F.N. Rojas – An augmented Lagrangian method for Quasi-Equilibrium Problems. to appear in Computational Optimization and Applications

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G. Haeser ; A. Ramos . New Constraint Qualifications with Second-Order Properties in Nonlinear Optimization. JOURNAL OF OPTIMIZATION THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, to appear

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RAMOS, ALBERTO. Mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints: a sequential optimality condition, new constraint qualifications and algorithmic consequences. OPTIMIZATION METHODS & SOFTWARE, to appear

CAMARGO, A. P.. On the numerical stability of Newton’s formula for Lagrange interpolation. JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS, to appear

CAMARGO, A. P.. A divergent sequence of Romberg integrals. Results in Mathematics, v. 75, p. 11, to appear

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CAMARGO, A. P.. Rounding error analysis of divided differences schemes: Newton’s divided differences; Neville’s algorithm; Richardson extrapolation; Romberg quadrature; etc.. NUMERICAL ALGORITHMS, to appear.

CAMARGO, A. P.. A proof of Schwarz Theorem on Mixed Partial Derivatives Via Elementary Approximation Theory. Elemente der Mathematik, to appear.

CAMARGO, A. P.. A new proof of the equivalence of the Cauchy mean value theorem and the Mean value theorem. The American Mathematical Monthly, to appear.

CAMARGO, A. P.; HAESER, G. . A note on linearly dependent symmetric matrices. Linear and Multilinear Algebra, 2019.

GEVORGYAN, YEVA ; BOUÉ, GWENAËL ; RAGAZZO, CLODOALDO ; RUIZ, LUCAS ; CORREIA, ALEXANDRE C.M. . Andrade rheology in time-domain. Application to Enceladus dissipation of energy due to forced libration. ICARUS, 2019.

Braida, Frederico ; VERTUAN, R. E. ; ANDRADE, R. M. D. . Design e o ensino da Geometria no Brasil: das Provas de Habilidades Específicas à matriz curricular do curso de Design da Universidade de São Paulo.. ESTUDOS EM DESIGN (ONLINE), v. 27, p. 116-129, 2019.

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DELGADO, ERICK; MARRERO, AYMÉE . Mathematical model for the study of the diffusion of Zika. Computational experimentation in Paramaribo and Santa Ana. Selecciones Matemáticas, v. 6, p. 196-203, 2019.

Em 2018:

IBANEZ, D. ; BASSANI, L. T. ; BARROS, L. ; LAUREANO, E. . Adapted Fuzzy Integral: An Application in the Finite Element Method. TENDÊNCIAS EM MATEMÁTICA APLICADA E COMPUTACIONAL, v. 19, p. 147-159, 2018.

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Em 2017:

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Em 2016:

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Em 2015:

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Em 2014:

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Em 2013:

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Em 2012:

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