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The Institute of Mathematics and Statistics is a teaching, research and extension unit of the University of São Paulo. It has undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and computer science.
In addition, with qualified faculty and students, it conducts scientific research in its key areas and related areas, such as bioinformatics, neuromathematics and mathematics education.


Research at IME-USP is based on disciplinary and interdisciplinary excellence, which is why it has become an excellent environment for study and scientific research.
The Institute’s professors, for the most part, are dedicated full-time to their work and carry out cutting-edge research in several areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Computing and, together with other units of the university, carry out research in the area of Bioinformatics.


University extension is a process that articulates teaching and research in order to enable the transformative interaction between the university and society, in order to enrich the pedagogical process, favoring the socialization of academic knowledge and establishing a dynamic that contributes to participation of community in university life.


The IME has several support spaces. With a library that has one of the most complete collections in Latin American mathematics. Spaces like the CEC, which has computers and printers, and the CAEM, which works as a teaching laboratory with its rich collection of teaching materials and bibliography
specialized, value the student in their educational background.


IME students have opportunities for scholarships and participation in international exchange programs,
activities and research projects and numerous events, congresses and seminars.
Graduates have many opportunities to enter the job market. Some become entrepreneurs and and set up their own businesses, while others continue their academic careers and go to the master’s and doctoral degrees, becoming researchers in universities and companies.

Campus life

University education does not only take place during classes and exams.
You don’t have to be a physical education student to get involved in sports at USP. Exercise it is important for health and well-being and also contributes to integration among students and strengthens their connection with the University.
Art, in its most diverse manifestations, is present at the University. There are spaces, activities and groups that put the
USP as a center for the creation and dissemination of music, cinema, theater and everything else that involves human expression.