Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department (MAT) was created in 1970 as a result of an university reform at USP in 1968. All Mathematics Departments existing in many faculties within the University were merged into a single one in the newly created Institute of Mathematics and Statistics.The oldest Department, in the Polytechnic School, existed before the foundation of the university. 
The Department is responsible for the undergraduate courses: Bachelor in Mathematics and the Teaching Degree in Mathematics. And also, for the Center for the Improvement of Mathematics Education (CAEM, in Portuguese, Centro de Aperfeiçoamento do Ensino da Matemática).
The graduate program in Mathematics at IME, whose Masters and PhD courses are one of the oldest in the country. Many students from our graduate programs hold leading positions in several universities in Brazil and abroad.
The Department has about 90 professors, almost all holds PhD degree, working in all major areas of research in Mathematics. They maintain active exchange with researchers from all regions of the country and major foreign centers.