Undergraduate – Mathematics Department

Bachelor in Mathematics

The Bachelor in Mathematics aims at training future researchers and teachers in higher education to work in various areas of Mathematics. The course provides a solid background in mathematics that allows graduates to pursue their postgraduate studies (master and doctorate) in the best institutions of the country. The labor market has increasingly recognized the possibilities for a professional with a good background in Mathematics and our students have also found interesting placements outside the academic career, especially for development in computer science or in the financial market.

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Teaching degree in Mathematics

The Teaching degree in Mathematics at the Mathematics and Statistics Institute at USP aims at training mathematics teachers for the second phase of elementary school and middle school. Hence, we offer students a solid background in Mathematics, including Statistics and Computing and mastery of key concepts of Physics. In addition, the course provides reflections on the role of the teacher in the teaching-learning teaching methods of teaching mathematics in general and on. We believe that the formation of a teacher is developed in all activities throughout the course. The course has a flexible structure, which allows students to deepen their expertise in the areas of mathematical knowledge or teaching.

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