IME-USP’s Mathemateca takes part in the Oxford Maths Festival

The festival takes place in Oxfordshire, England, on May 11 and 12

As the first result of a partnership with Kings College London, the IME-USP’s Matemateca is taking part in the next edition of the Oxford Maths Festival, which will take place on May 11 and 12, 2024. Ten pieces were made in Brazil, most of them copies of the existing collection and some new ones planned in partnership with professors David Kohan Marzagão and Josh Murphy from Kings College London.

The small collection that will be exhibited in England will remain at Kings College London, but the replicas of the novelties will be integrated into the Matemateca collection at IME-USP, thanks to the support of the Postgraduate Program in Applied Mathematics.

The Oxford Maths Festival, organized by the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford, began in 2018 inspired by Ireland’s Maths Week. The free event offers activities, lectures and workshops, providing a welcoming environment that aims to explore mathematics by encouraging family participation, regardless of previous experience in mathematics. Thanks to the voluntary efforts of students and staff, the festival has become a regular event in the local Oxfordshire calendar.

See more details on the official Oxford Maths Festival page.

By Nathalie Rodrigues | Institutional Support Service