FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Who can apply to the Graduate Programs in Applied Mathematics?
In principle, all applicant with a valid undergraduate certificate, in any area, can apply for Masters or Doctorate programs. It is not necessary to have a Masters degree in order to apply for the Doctorate program.
2) Do I need to know Portuguese to apply?
No, but although must courses are taught in portuguese, special arrangements can be made.
3) Is it necessary to have a research project or an advisor in order to apply?
No. An idea for a research topic helps, but it is not necessary.
4) If accepted, will I have a scholarship?
You can be accepted with or without a scholarship. We have a limited number of scholarships that are given based on the merit of the application. Advisors can apply for outside sources of funding (such as FAPESP).
5) Can I have an advisor from outside of the Department of Applied Mathematics?
Only professors enrolled in our program can advise masters and doctorate students. There are some professors from outside of the department enrolled.
6) Which are the courses available?
Please consult our list of courses and the courses scheduled to be taught in the next semester. Students may undertake courses from any postgraduate program from the university, in accordance with the advisor.