Admissions – Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics

Application and Selection Process

The graduate programs in Applied Mathematics are open to anyone with an undergraduate university degree. Students can apply for Masters (M.Sc. – 2 years) or Doctorate (PhD – 4 years) programs.

For candidates with a strong scientific background, a master’s degree is not required to enrol in our doctorate program.

20 positions are open on each level and semester, and applications may be submitted twice a year:

(i) From the 15th of March to the 31st of May, to start in August of the same year

(ii) From the 15th of August to the 31st of October, to start in March of the next year

However, applications may be accepted outside these dates, depending on availability.

Applicants will be selected based on documents presented to a selection committee. These compromises:

(1) Fully filled application form 

(2) Official identification document (Passport)

(3) Transcripts of previous undergraduate and graduate degrees

(4) Copy of previous main scientific research results, in full or with extended abstracts, such as publications, master’s thesis, and undergraduate monograph.

(5) Curriculum Vitae (or Brazilian Lattes)

(6) At least 2 letters of recommendation, preferably with a mathematics academic background (see template for letters or online letter forms)

(7) An explanatory text in English, Spanish or Portuguese, with at most 5 pages, describing your academic experiences, research projects and interests.

Applicants from Latin America are encouraged to undertake the Extramuros examination ( The test is strongly recommended for candidates without a strong academic record or coming from other areas. This examination for master candidates encompasses questions about Analysis and Topology, Linear Algebra and Algebra, but questions about Algebra will not be the subject of evaluation.

These documents should preferably be sent via the online application form or sent in PDF format to

Candidates are encouraged to contact an advisor of the program beforehand. This is not required, and if an advisor is not indicated in the form, an advisor will be selected by the committee based on research interests and availability.  Please refer to the research areas and advisors of the program.

Results will be published online at at most on the 30th of June for applicants to start in August, and 15th of December for candidates to start in March.

Previous knowledge of Portuguese is not required but is recommended, particularly for Master applicants, since most basic level classes are held in Portuguese.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can apply to the Graduate Programs in Applied Mathematics?

In principle, all applicants with a valid undergraduate certificate in any area can apply for Master’s or Doctorate programs. It is not necessary to have a Master’s degree in order to apply for the Doctorate program.

2) Do I need to know Portuguese to apply?

No. However, most courses are taught in Portuguese, but special arrangements can be made to follow classes in English.

3) Is it necessary to have a research project or an advisor in order to apply?

No. An idea for a research topic helps, but it is not necessary.

4) If accepted, will I have a scholarship?

You can be accepted with or without a scholarship. We have a limited number of scholarships that are given based on the application’s merit. Advisors can apply for outside sources of funding (such as FAPESP).

5) Can I have an advisor from outside the Department of Applied Mathematics?

Only professors enrolled in our program can advise master’s and doctorate students. There are some professors from outside the department enrolled.

6) Which are the courses available?

Please consult our list of courses and the courses scheduled to be taught in the next semester. Students may undertake courses from any postgraduate program from the university, in accordance with the advisor.