Norms – Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics


Institutional scholarships by CAPES and CNPq can be granted to those that request it in the admission process. The values of the monthly stipend should be checked at these agencies websites.

Occasional advertisements of scholarships are listed below:

Information to new students

Please refer to the Portuguese website for full up-to-date information on enrolment

You may need a student visa to enrol in the graduate program. More information can be found at

Traditionally, a group of students, with the support from the board and the CPGs, organises a welcome event to prepare you for graduate school. In this event, you will be provided with some of the rules and regulations of USP, IME, and of your specific programme. You will also be informed of the spaces and activities available for postgraduate students. The welcome event will happen on February 26th at 13h30 in room B05 (block B) at IME. There will be a coffee break with snacks and drinks, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to your seniors and meet your colleagues. The purpose of the welcome event is to present ways to make your post graduation experience as enriching as possible. More information can be found at:

Other norms and information