Scholarships – Graduate Program in Computer Science

Computing Science Post Garduation Program has na institutional quota of approximately 40 Master’s scholarships and 40 Doctorate scholarships, granted by CNPq and CAPES, made available for our best students with full dedication.

The values of these scholarships for master’s and doctorate students can be seen in the pages of these institutions. Besides, specific projects financed both by public institutions and companies offer additional scholarships in specific topics.
Finally, FAPESP offers master’s and doctorate scholarships that can be requested through the presentation of a research project in accordance to its rules and calendars, specified in FAPESP Portal.

CNPq and CAPES institutional quota scholarships can be requested by any regular student at the program, at any time. These scholarships are designated to students according to their availability, in line with the following criteria:

Rules for institutional scholarships management at DCC-IME-USP:



The maintenance of a scholarship is defined every semestre by an assessment commission, according to grantees performance.  

If you believe you are qualified and wish to apply for one of these scholarships, leto ne of the Coordinating Commission of the Computing Program.