Admissions – Graduate Program in Computer Science

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1) Who may apply for the post-graduation program? 
All students who have a graduation diploma recognized by MEC (Brazil Ministry of Education) can apply for the master’s or doctorate degrees.

2) How does the selection process work?
A commission of faculty members from the department chooses the candidates. The commission analyzes the curriculum and the recommendation letters of each applicant.

3) Is it necessary to present a project or to have a tutor in order to apply?
It is not mandatory. Many a times, however, the idea of a project or a previous experience with a tutor may be considered and asset. 

4) In case I am admitted, am I automatically awarded with a scholarship?
No. We have a limited number of scholarships made available by the Scholarships Commission at the department. FAPESP scholarships requests are made by tutors. 

5) Can I have a tutor who is not among the department’s faculty members?
Only if he or she is dully registered in the post-graduation program of your choice. 

6) In which research lines may I take my Master’s or Doctorate Degrees? 
In one of the Program’s research lines. The research line choice is linked to the choice of a tutor. 

7) What is the applications period?
The doctorate course applications occur in a constant flow and may be initiated at any time. The application for the master’s in the first school semester ends in October 31st, every year. The application for the master’s in the second school semester ends in May 31st, every year. 

8) What subjects are offered?
Please check the Subjects List. Obs.: for rooms and time, check this page.