IME-USP establishes academic partnership with ICM-SUSTech

A delegation of researchers from the Chinese university visited the IME to propose joint actions that enhance the exchange of knowledge

Between July 25 and 28, 2023, IME-USP received a delegation of mathematical researchers from the International Mathematics Center of the Southern University of Science and Technology (ICM-SUSTech) in China. The purpose of the meeting was to propose joint actions to enhance and develop a collaborative network between the two institutions. During the visit, several important meetings and discussions were held, which resulted in the decision on the next steps of this collaboration. Four initiatives will be prioritized at the beginning of the partnership, namely:

Exchange Program for Researchers: The implementation of an exchange program will facilitate collaboration between researchers from both centers. Each year, a small group (typically 2 to 3) of researchers from a specific field at IME-USP will be invited to spend between 3 months and a year collaborating at ICM-SUSTech, with funding provided by ICM-SUSTech. In a similar structure, IME-USP will attempt to fund a group of researchers from ICM-SUSTech to visit and collaborate in São Paulo, with possible assistance from FAPESP. The selection of the targeted field and visiting researchers will be conducted by a joint selection committee with representatives from both institutions.

Joint Appointment Post-Doctoral Positions: Both institutes will explore the establishment of joint appointment post-doctoral positions for either 2 or 4 years. These positions will be linked to specific research group collaborations, with researchers spending half of their appointment time in Shenzhen and the other half in São Paulo. Funding for the time spent in Shenzhen will be provided by ICM-SUSTech, while IME-USP will seek funding from FAPESP for the equivalent time in São Paulo.

Joint Supervision of Graduate Students: A joint program for the supervision of graduate students will be established, allowing students to spend 1 semester or 1 year at the partner institution, working closely with their co-supervisor. The host institution will cover the costs of the student’s visit, with ICM-SUSTech financing visits of its students to São Paulo and IME-USP or other Brazilian funding agencies financing visits of their students to ICM-SUSTech. Students will remain enrolled and graduate from their home institution.

Joint Scientific Bilateral Meetings: The two institutions will organize joint scientific bilateral meetings between collaborating research groups, to be held alternately in Shenzhen and São Paulo. These meetings will foster academic exchange and further strengthen the collaboration.

Delegation of researchers representing ICM-SUSTech and IME-USP professors, Photo: Gislaine Olivi / IME-USP

The members of the Chinese delegation present at the meeting were: Jiping Zhang (Director of Shenzhen International Center for Mathematics, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences); Efim Zelmanov (Director of the International Center for Mathematics and Foreign member of Brazilian and Chinese Academies of Sci); Qing Xiang (Head of the Department of Mathematics at SUSTech); Changchang Xi (Professor at Capital Normal University, Beijing); Zhicheng Feng (Professor at SUSTech); Lizhong Wang (Professor at Pekin University); Vyacheslav Futorny (Professor at ICM-SUSTech); Iryna Kashuba (Professora at ICM-SUSTech, it’s not in the picture). 

The professors who represented IME-USP at the meeting were: Fabio Armando Tal (Applied Mathematics Department); Denis Deratani Maua (Computer Science Department); Sinai Robins (Computer Science Department); Yoshiharu Kohayakawa (Computer Science Department); Junior Barrera (Computer Science Department); Pedro Peixoto (Applied Mathematics Department); Andre Salles de Carvalho (Applied Mathematics Department); Eduardo Marcos (Mathematics Department); Clodoaldo Grotta Ragazzo(Applied Mathematics Department); e Ivan Chestakov (Mathematics Department).

About the SUSTech International Mathematics Center in Shenzhen

ICM-SUSTech is a Shenzhen government-funded research center located at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), China. The Scientific Director is Efim Zelmanov, Fields Medalist, who was a speaker at the IME Colloquium recently. In addition to promoting basic mathematics research, the institute’s aim is to advance interdisciplinary mathematics research in a number of other areas. The details of each initiative discussed between the representatives of each institute, as well as more information about the discussions can be analyzed in the visit report.

By Nathalie Rodrigues | Institutional Support Service (translate by Marcelo Modesto)