Graduate – Applied Mathematics Department

The graduate program in Applied Mathematics of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of São Paulo (IME-USP) comprises a master program and a doctoral program, since it was established in 1970. It has assigned more than 200 titles of Master and formed more than a hundred doctors in Applied Mathematics. There are about 25 permanent researchers in the program, besides several collaborators. The permanent academic staff is highly qualified, with a broad education in first rank Brazilian Institutions and from abroad (USP, Unicamp, IMPA, UFMG, Cornell, CUNY, NYU, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Brown, Bremen, Berlin, Bonn, Birmingham, Nancy I, Roskilde). The principal research subjects of the faculty are: Partial and Ordinary Differential Equations (Dynamical Systems, Ergodic theory, PDEs and Complex analysis), Mathematical Physics and Mechanics (Field theory, Control theory, Statistical Mechanics), Computational Mathematics (Computational fluid mechanics, Graphical and Scientific Computing, Optimization) and Modeling and Applications (Bio-mathematics, Epidemiology, Evolution and Social Systems, Statistics).