USP has the best Brazilian researchers in mathematics in the ranking

The academic portal aims to make it easier for professors, research fellows and doctoral and master’s students to progress their research and keep them updated on conferences around the world and publications related to their fields. published, between April and May 2023, the second edition of the ranking of “best scientists” in the various areas of knowledge. The position of each researcher is based on the H-index of each discipline (Discipline H-index), in proportion to their contributions made in a given discipline, awards and experimentation of the scientist in specific areas of the previous year, 2022. The D-Index ranks researchers in descending order combined with the total number of citations.

In addition, the portal also features rankings of the best universities in the world and in each country, the best scientific journals and the best scientific conferences, all classified by area of ​​knowledge.

The University of São Paulo was in 1st place in the national ranking in the ​​mathematics area, with five researchers from the university among the best, and in position 149 in the world ranking.

Among the five distinguished professors at USP in Mathematics, the IME had three researchers, who are:

Prof. Dr. Yoshiharu Kohayakawa
Image: IME-USP

Yoshiharu Kohayakawa 

Full professor since 2004, his research focuses on combinatorics, discrete mathematics and algebra. The most cited works:

Prof. Dr. Ernesto G. Birgin
Image : ICCOPT 2022

Ernesto G. Birgin

Full professor since 2015, he develops research in the areas of mathematical optimization, algorithms and mathematical analysis. The most cited works:

Prof. Dr. Heleno Bolfarine (in memoriam)
Image: IME-USP

Heleno Bolfarine 

Full professor, who died in 2021, conducted research mainly in the areas of statistics and distribution (probability). The most cited works:

These most cited works, as well as the entire scientific, academic and technical publications of the IME professors, can be accessed by the community at the USP Production Repository (ReP).

Complete ranking available at

Text adapted from Agência FAPESP.

By: Eliana Ramalho; Stela Madruga | IME-USP Library