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The doctoral program in Statistics (Statistics and Probability) of the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, Universidade de São Paulo Brazil has 18 fellowships for a full time PhD student in Statistics or Probability. These are full fellowships for a period of 48 months, starting from February 2019. These positions are primarily focused on research, but the PhD students also will be expected to assist in the teaching and mentoring responsibilities of the Department of Statistics.

The major areas of specialization of our doctoral program are survival analysis, asymptotic methods, stochastic modeling in actuarial, econometrics and finance, bioinformatics, Bayesian inference, inference in stochastic processes, interacting particle systems, regression models and its applications, generalized linear models, probability theory and stochastic processes, time series and reliability theory.

The doctoral program in Statistics (Statistics and Probability) of Universidade de São Paulo-Brazil is well known for its innovative research in statistics and probability, besides its large experience with PhD advising. More than 300 PhD former students have successfully finished their projects in our doctoral program and are now leading research and applications in Statistics and Probability in several universities of Latin American countries.


Those interested should contact Ms. Regiane Guimarães at

They should be prepared to make a link electronic pdf files (making sure that the print out comes out readable) containing information about your academic experience. We will need

  • Academic transcripts of your previous studies;
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae;
  • Master dissertation (if you have one – drafts are acceptable);
  • An essay (maximum of five pages) reporting your academic experience, research experience, publications, unpublished results or general scientific projects. An extended abstract (maximum of five pages) of your master dissertation is also acceptable;
  • Names and email addresses of two or three researchers who may, if requested, send letters of recommendation.

Deadline: October 31st 2018