Admissions – Graduate Program in Probability and Statistics

The master’s and doctoral courses in the Postgraduate Program in Probability and Statistics are open to anyone with a recognized undergraduate degree. Direct doctoral admission is possible for candidates with an excellent scientific background.

Registration must be made using the registration form. Consult the details in the selection process call and the candidate’s expected profile in the information on this page.

MASTER – Deadline

  • There are no places available for admission in the 2nd Semester/2024


General guidelines and candidate profile

Each year, approximately 20 places are offered for each level, with calls for applications  open twice a year:

(i) during October for entry in the first or second semester of the following year.

(ii)during April, starting in the second semester, in case of remaining vacancies.

Students in the master’s course must approve the discipline MAE5702 – Probability and Statistical Inference I. Therefore, candidates for the master’s level are expected to have a good theoretical basis in probability and statistics at the undergraduate level, attested by their academic records or equivalent documents. Candidates under these conditions will be exempt from the master’s entrance exam. Candidates who do not demonstrate solid knowledge in these areas must take the entrance exam and may be called for an interview.

Students registered at the doctorate level must approve the disciplines MAE5811 – Advanced Probability I and MAE5834 – Advanced Statistics I. Therefore, candidates at the doctoral level are expected to have a solid base of theoretical knowledge in probability and statistics at the postgraduate level, attested by the documents sent with the application. Candidates who do not demonstrate solid knowledge at the postgraduate level in probability and statistics may, at the discretion of the Selection Committee and upon a statement made by the candidate at the time of application, have their applications considered for entry into the master’s course.

Master’s and doctorate/direct doctorate courses in Statistics are entirely free. In addition, candidates for the master’s degree and doctorate/direct doctorate in Statistics can apply for scholarships from Capes and CNPq agencies upon request at the time of application. These scholarships are awarded following the criteria detailed below in this page. In addition, master’s and doctorate/direct doctorate candidates can request scholarships from FAPESP, through a research project in conjunction with their future advisor.

The results of the selection processes and classification of candidates in descending order of grades will be published on this page on the dates specified in the Call. Applicants will also receive an acceptance letter by email.

After acceptance into the Postgraduate Program and before enrollment, the candidate can indicate a possible supervisor, who must agree with this indication. If the candidate do not indicate a supervisor before enrolling, this supervisor will be assigned based on the candidate’s research interests and the availability of supervisors. The indication of a supervisor is not necessary for the application, so we recommend not contacting potential supervisors before the final result of the selection process.

Consult the list of advisors and research areas on the pages available in the side menu.

Criteria for awarding master’s and doctoral scholarships

The program’s master’s and doctorate scholarships offered by CAPES/CNPq will be awarded following the grades established in the selection process. Initially, CNPq scholarships will be allocated to candidates with the best grades. Subsequently, Capes scholarships will be used until reaching the limit of fellowships and/or requests. The scholarships are intended for students exclusively dedicated to the learning and research activities at the Program, except under the situations listed in the CCP-MAE criteria document for accumulation of a scholarship with paid activities, based on PORTARIA CAPES No. 133, OF JULY 10, 2023. Students already enrolled in the program without a scholarship and with good performance, evaluated by the Coordinating Committee, can apply at any time and be awarded if scholarships are available.