Research areas – Professional Master in Mathematics Teaching

Computer Technologies in the Teaching of Mathematics or Statistics
Investigation about the information tools, free to use, available and their use as facilitators of teaching and learning Mathematics.

History of Mathematics in Basic Education
The History of Mathematics in the classroom: the construction and evolution of concepts. The motivating problems and solutions over time.

Didactic transposition of Mathematics to the school classroom
The didactic transposition is the set of transformations carried out by the teacher on academic knowledge, in order to transform it into knowledge to teach, which is apprehended by students.

Epistemology of Mathematics and Basic Education
Deals with the foundations of Mathematics, aiming at identifying epistemological obstacles in the construction of concepts and proposing strategies to overcome the difficulties arising from these obstacles.

Statistics in elementary and high school
Research in this area will promote investigation on the importance of the fundamentals of the presence of Statistics topics in Basic Education, especially in public schools. We study proposals for curricular organization, alternative approaches, also analyzing the relationships with other sciences and the need to include new topics. Area-specific concepts such as randomness and inference, which have their specificities in the formation of mathematical thinking, will also be research objects. The investigation also extends to the treatment of this area in textbooks approved by the MEC.