Committee of Inclusion and Belonging

The Committee of Inclusion and Belonging (CIP) of the IME is a collegiate body, of a statutory nature, regulated by Resolução CoIP Nº 8323/ 2022, which is responsible for drawing up guidelines and ensuring the execution of activities related to inclusion, belonging, diversity, and equity within the scope of the IME. 

The CIP-IME is committed to promoting an academic environment that values and welcomes diversity, seeking equity in all educational spheres. In particular, it assists the academic community and the external public with questions, difficulties, suggestions, and criticisms related to inclusion and belonging. 

To get in contact, you can look for any member of the CIP. We work based on the ethics of secrecy and privacy and respect for the autonomy of people who may appeal to this Commission.

Committee Members

Head: Profa. Dra. Renata Wasserman
Deputy head: Profa. Dra. Christina Brech

Profa. Dra. Christina Brech
Prof. Dr. David Pires Dias
Profa. Dra. Gisela Tunes da Silva
Profa. Dra. Renata Wassermann
Prof. Dr. Salvador Addas Zanata

Administrative Staff
Adenilza Aparecida Alves
Ana Rute de Sousa Lando

Atena Pinheiro
Thiago Guelfi