Murilo Santos de Lima

Ph.D., Computer Science, IC-Unicamp, 2018
M.S., Computer Science, IME-USP, 2011
B.S., Computer Science, UFBA, 2008
B.A., Popular Music, IA-Unicamp, 2015

E-mail: mslima at ic dot unicamp dot br

Research Interests:

Lattes Curriculum




I also have a B.A. in Popular Music (which is about jazz & Brazilian music, not Madonna,
unfortunately), from IA-Unicamp. I play the bass (both bass guitar and double bass), I compose
some stuff and I also enjoy producing my own indie songs. I try to play some piano and
drums as well.

My bass professor at Unicamp was Zé Alexandre Carvalho. He was also the supervisor for
my senior recital, which is entitled Primal-Dual (concept in pdf / videos on YouTube).

Here are some of my compositions (all licensed in Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0): Here are some transcriptions I've made (I do not own credit for any of the compositions,
and the transcriptions are licensed in Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 for educational purposes):

My solo indie project can be found at Bandcamp. (It also has a Facebook page.) I define it
as "glam jazzy psychedelic alt-country", and I write music, lyrics, I sing and play all
instruments, plus I do editing & some mixing.

You can check my music preferences at I do love Wilco and bears.