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What is the A5 Group?

We are a group of undergraduate and graduate students at the IME, and we organize academic events at the institute. In 2021 we reactivated the A5 Group, and our focus has become to organize weekly seminars that serve as an introduction to current areas of research, with professors from the institute and abroad.

Some history and perspectives for the future

It all started in 2012, when two students of the Bachelor of Mathematics realized that very interesting subjects, both in mathematics and academia, were not developed in the classroom. So, together with CAMat, they organized a cycle of lectures entitled "Os 7 Problemas do Milênio" , which aimed to bring some of these issues to the IMEan community. The event was a success, and with that many teachers and students asked for more events like this to be organized. With this new demand (and a lot of willingness from the students involved), in late 2013 the A5 Group was created, a group independent from the other IME institutions. Its purpose was to complement the education of undergraduate and graduate students of the various departments of the institute, bringing lectures and events on relevant topics, not explored in the curriculum, with easy to understand language.

In 2021, after a period of inactivity, some students decided to reactivate the A5. With efforts revived, we intend initially to hold a cycle of lectures intended as an introduction to research and academic life, the A5 Seminar. Subsequently, we resumed the thematic events that we have held in the past, and created the series Dias MaTemáticos.

Former Organizers

  • 2012: André Zaidan, David Marzagão
  • 2014: André Zaidan, Leticia Campopiano, Marcela Masieiro, Maria Clara Cardoso
  • 2015: Ana Patriarcha, André Zaidan, Aurea Hariki, Marcela Masieiro, Pan Marcondes
  • 2016: André Zaidan, Aurea Hariki, Marcela Masieiro
  • 2017: Marcela Masieiro
  • These people maintained the A5 Group for many years before us. We are very grateful for their wonderful job.

    acinco [at] ime.usp.br
    Adriana Mayumi Shiguihara, Guilherme Sobreira, Henrique de Oliveira Rocha, Pietro Mesquita Piccione, Thiago Brevidelli, Thiago Guelfi & Victor Pirozelli