About São Paulo

Situated in Southeastern Brazil, the city of São Paulo lies about 220 miles (350 km) southwest of Rio de Janeiro and about 30 miles (50 km) inland from its Atlantic Ocean port of Santos. The city’s name derives from its having been founded by Jesuit missionaries on 25 January 1554, the anniversary of the conversion of St. Paul.

São Paulo, the state capital, is the world’s 12th largest city, and its metropolitan area has 20 million inhabitants. It holds the largest stock exchange in Latin America and the largest concentration of multinational companies in the Southern Hemisphere. Besides being the most important economic center of Brazil, it is also the capital of culture in Latin America.

Made out of many nationalities, faiths, and cultures, São Paulo is truly cosmopolitan. The economic diversity and the multiple ethnic origins of its population generate a vibrant culture. It accommodates the largest Arab, Italian, and Japanese diasporas in the world. São Paulo is also home to the largest Jewish population in Brazil, with about 75,000 Jews. São Paulo’s cultural scene offers excellent programs with the best orchestras, opera companies, ballets, exhibitions and shows. Visitors to São Paulo find at their disposal 110 museums, 160 theaters, 300 movie theaters and 93 parks and green areas. The ethnic and cultural diversity of São Paulo’s population is also reflected in specialized restaurants offering the most varied Brazilian and international cuisine.

The University of São Paulo (USP) ranks as the best Latin American university in the World University Ranking 2017–2018, published by Times Higher Education (THE), and ranks 118th in QS World University Rankings, an annual list of the 4,500 best institutions of higher education in the world. SBMF 2019 will be held at the campus of the University of São Paulo at its Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME-USP).

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Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sao Paulo

  • Address: Rua do Matão, 1010 – Cidade Universitária – São Paulo – SP – CEP: 05508-090
  • Site :


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  • Av. Angélica, 310 – Higienópolis – São Paulo – SP
  • Tel. (11) 3386-600
  • Fax: (11) 3386-6014
  • Booking: (11) 3386-6010
  • e-mail:


  • Alameda Jaú, 1606 – Jardins – São Paulo – SP
  • Tel.: (11) 3069-4444
  • Fax: (11) 3081-1339
  • e-mail:


  • Av. Rebouças, 955 -Jardins – São Paulo – SP
  • Tel.: (11) 3069-0000
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IBIS STYLES FARIA LIMA (antigo Howard Johnson Faria Lima Inn)


  • Avenida Jaguaré, 1664 – Jaguaré – São Paulo – SP
  • Tel.: (11) 3716-2656
  • Fax: (11) 3716-2676
  • Booking (Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area): (11) 3191-8085
  • Booking (other locations): 0800 55 58 55


  • Rua Diogo Moreira, 247 – Pinheiros – São Paulo – SP
  • Tel.: (11) 2197-7050
  • Fax: (11) 2197-7051
  • Booking (Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area): (11) 3191-8085
  • Booking (other locations): 0800 55 58 55