(Last update: November, 2016)

It's a privilege and a pleasure to work with so many brilliant and motivated students and collaborators. Without them, it would have been impossible to arrive here.

Former Postdoc (1)

  • Christoph Treude (2015-2016)

Current Ph.D. Students (4)

  • Gustavo Ansaldi Oliva (started in 2011)
  • Ana Paula Oliveira dos Santos (started in 2013)
  • Yorah Bosse (started in 2014)
  • Jefferson Silva (started in 2015)

Graduated Ph.D. Students (3)

Current M.Sc. Students (2)

  • Suelen Goularte Carvalho (started in 2014)
  • Rodrigo Magalhaes dos Santos (started in 2014)

Graduated M.Sc. Students (11)

Undergrad students (4)

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