Some research interests:
  • OSS Communities
  • Mining Software Repositories
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Software Evolution
  • CSCW development
  • Mobile Computing
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Smart Cities
  • Welcome to My Website!

    I am an Associate Professor at the Northern Arizona University (NAU) and a member of the Computer Science Graduate Program at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. A more formal bio can be found on the career page.

    I research the intersections of Software Engineering (SE) and Social Computing (CSCW) (see more details on the Research page). Currently, I am working on the analysis and support of open-source software (OSS) development communities and collaborative systems in general.

    I have been serving on the program committee of important conferences, such as: FSE, CSCW, SANER, MSR, ICPC, and CRIWG. I was PC Chair/Co-Chair of ICGSE 2016, SBCARS 2016, CRIWG 2013, SBSC (2007 & 2010).