Professor Daniel Macêdo Batista

Since 2011 Daniel Macêdo Batista is Professor at the University of São Paulo (USP), the major institution of higher learning and research in Brazil (Currently, USP is responsible for more than 20% of all scientific production in Brazil). He received his Computer Science (2003) degree from Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, MSc in Computer Science (2006) and PhD in Computer Science (2010) degrees from State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil. At Unicamp, he was advised by Professor Nelson Fonseca. Prof. Daniel received the title of "Livre Docente", equivalent to Associate Professor, in Computer Networks from the University of São Paulo in 2017. Since 2024 he is the Executive Coordinator of Information Technology at USP. Currently, his main research interests are:

IoT Security, B5G, and Data Analytics applied to Computer Networks.

Prof. Daniel has published 110+ refereed papers. His masters' dissertation awarded second place at the XIV Latin American Contest of Master Thesis (2007), organized by the Latin American Center for Computer Studies. Papers derivated from his PhD received the IEEE Latincom 2011 Best Paper Award and an Honorable Mention at the XXIX Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (2011). Prof. Daniel advised 18 undergrad students, 10 MSc students, and 5 PhD students. His students received several awards, including the IEEE ISCC 2018 Best Student Paper Award and second place at the ACM SAC 2014 Student Research Competition. In 2020 he was the USP Representative on the World Cities World Class University (WC2) Network in the CyberSecurity theme. In 2022 and 2023 he was the secretary of the Internet Technical Committee (ITC), a joint committee of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and the Internet Society (ISOC) that stimulates interdisciplinary technical exchange, application of state of the art communications and related technologies to the Internet infrastructure and services. Since 2024 he is the vice-chair of the ITC.

In addition to research on Computer Networks, Prof. Daniel is also dedicated to monitoring the undergraduate degree in Computer Science at USP. From 2018 to 2022 he was the coordinator of the undergraduate course and actively participated in the curriculum reform between 2011 and 2015.

Besides his academic career, Prof. Daniel Batista graduated from the Federal Center for Technological Education of Bahia, Brazil in Electronics (1997). In the last year of the Electronics course, he was an intern at IBM. After graduate he worked as a network administrator at IBM and Banco do Nordeste. Prof. Daniel is also an amateur triathlete focused on the Olympic distance.

Prof. Daniel's Curriculum Vitae is available on the Lattes Platform.

Publications & Awards

OLIVEIRA, G. W. ; NOGUEIRA, M. ; SANTOS, A. L. ; BATISTA, D. M. . Intelligent VNF Placement to Mitigate DDoS Attacks on Industrial IoT. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, v. 20, number 2, p. 1319-1331, 2023.
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2021 - Honorable Mention (Undergrad student): Henrique Araújo de Carvalho. Workshop on Scientific Initiation and Undergraduate Works - Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computational Systems Security (SBSeg). Paper 'Análise de Desempenho de uma Ferramenta para Visualização de Hashes em Dispositivos Móveis'
2019 - Honorable Mention (Undergrad student): Lucas Oshiro. Workshop for Scientific Initiation and Undergraduate Students - Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC). Paper 'Análise Preliminar da Detecção de Ataques Ofuscados e do Uso de Hardware de Baixo Custo em um Sistema para Detecção de Ameaças'
2018 - Honorable Mention (PhD student): Luis Rodriguez. Connected Devices Cybersecurity Workshop - SBRC. Paper 'Analysis of Vulnerability Disclosure Delays from the National Vulnerability Database'
2018 - Best Student Paper Award (PhD student): Rodrigo Tinini. IEEE ISCC. Paper 'Energy-Efficient VPON Formation and Wavelength Dimensioning in Cloud-Fog RAN over TWDM-PON'
2016 - Honorable Mention (PhD student): Rafael Mota. SBRC. Paper 'Um protocolo FSA com resolução imediata de colisões para sistemas RFID sob o efeito captura'
2015 - Honorable Mention: Computer Education Workshop - Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society. Paper 'Nova grade curricular do BCC-IME-USP'
2014 - Second Place (PhD student): Rafael Mota. ACM SAC Student Research Competition. Thesis 'Mechanisms to Ensure Quality of Service for the Internet of Things'.
2011 - Honorable Mention: SBRC. Paper 'Mapeamento de Redes Virtuais em Substratos de Rede'
2011 - Best Paper Award: IEEE LATINCOM 2011. Paper 'Robust Hybrid Mechanisms for Scheduling of Grid Tasks'
2007 - Second Place: XIV Latin American Contest of Master Thesis. Dissertation 'Multi-Layer Traffic Engineering for Grid Networks'

A full list of papers and awards is available at Lattes Platform. Prof. Daniel was a member of the editorial board of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2010-2015) and Journal of Internet Services and Applications (2012-2016). Currently, he is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Supercomputing. He regularly serves as a reviewer for 18 journals including Ad Hoc Networks, Computer Networks, IEEE Network, IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, and IEEE Transactions on Services Computing


STARLING: Security and Resource Allocation on B5G via Artificial Intelligence Techniques
SMARTNESS: SMART NEtworks and ServiceS for 2030
MENTORED: from Modeling to Experimentation - Predicting and Detecting DDoS and Zero-Day Attacks
InterSCity: Enabling the Future Internet for Smart Cities
LEAPaD: Laboratory for Advanced Studies in Parallel and Distributed Systems

. Reference Analysis and Implementation of the Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM)
IoT-SED: Security and Efficiency in Data Transport on Internet of Things
GT-BIS: Mechanisms for Big Data Analysis in Information Security
GT-EWS: Building a Cybersecurity Early Warning System based on Social Networks
. High Performance Applications for Smart Cities with The Machine: Modeling, Simulation, and Development
. ALOCNUVEM: Resource Allocation and Positioning in Computational Clouds
. Trust in the Functioning of Dynamic Distributed Systems over Ad-Hoc Networks and Computational Grids
. QUALVOL: Quality Network Systems for Emerging Applications Generating Large Data Volumes
CHOReOS: Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet
HORIZON: A New Horizon to The Internet

GT-EWS produced as results the Hórus system, used by the Security Incident Response Center of the National Education and Research Network (RNP), and the startup EarlySec.

Courses & Events

. Advanced Topics in Data Science on Computer Network (graduation)
. Advanced Topics in Web Services Choreographies (graduation)
. Advanced Topics in Web Services Composition: Orchestrations and Choreographies (graduation)
. Cybersecurity (graduation)
. Computer Network and Distributed Systems (undergraduation and graduation)
. Free and Open Source Software Development (undergraduation and graduation)
. Operating Systems (undergraduation and graduation)
. Concurrent Programming (undergraduation)
. Extracurricular Activities (undergraduation)
. Integration in the University and in the Career (undergraduation)
. Introduction to Computing (undergraduation)
. Programming Lab I (undergraduation)
. Undergraduate Research (undergraduation)
. Voluntary Community Work (undergraduation)

. 2022 - Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computational Systems Security (SBSeg) - Technical Program Committee Co-Chair
. 2021 - Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computational Systems Security (SBSeg) - Keynotes and Tutorials Co-Chair
. 2019 - Brazilian Symposium on Information and Computational Systems Security (SBSeg) - General Co-Chair
. 2017 - Tools Session of the SBSeg - Technical Program Committee Chair
. 2016 - Tools Session of the Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC) - Technical Program Committee Chair
. 2016 - Workshop on Scientific Initiation and Undergraduate Works of the SBSeg - Technical Program Committee Chair
. 2012 - Workshop on Broadband Access Networks of the SBRC - Award Committee Chair
. 2012 - Workshop on Free Software of the International Free Software Forum - Technical Program Committee Co-Chair
. 2012 - International Conference on Autonomic Computing - Publicity Chair for South America
. 2011 - Workshop on Broadband Access Networks of the SBRC - Technical Program Committee Chair
. 2009 - IEEE LATINCOM - Technical Program Chair Assistant
. 2008 - SBRC - Technical Program Chair Assistant

Prof. Daniel regularly serves as a reviewer and a member of the technical program committee of 32 events including IEEE Globecom, IEEE ISCC, IEEE NCA, IEEE ICWS, and IEEE LATINCOM.

Research Students

Fatemeh Mosaiyebzadeh. Privacy-Preserving Intrusion Detection System for the Internet of Healthcare Things. PhD
Henrique Gonçalves Salvador. Efficient Detection of Anomalies in Computer Networks. PhD
Luis Gustavo Araujo Rodriguez. Mechanisms to Improve Security in MQTT-Based Platforms. PhD
Gustavo Vitral Arbex. IIoT Attack Detection Using Machine Learning. MSc.
Kétly Gonçalves Machado. Good Security Practices in Application Development for IoT. MSc.
Bruno Pereira Campos and João Henri Carrenho Rocha. Simulation of Emergency Response Systems in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks for Smart Cities. Scientific Initiation.

. Rodrigo Izidoro Tinini. Alocação de Recursos em uma Arquitetura Óptica Cloud-Fog RAN para o Suporte da Internet 5G. 2019. PhD
. Felipe Pontes Guimarães. IMPROV: Uma Arquitetura para a Execução Confiável de Composições de Serviços Dinâmicas. 2017. PhD
. Luiz Arthur Feitosa dos Santos. Uma Abordagem Autonômica para Mitigar Ciberataques em Redes de Computadores. 2016. PhD
. Rodrigo Campiolo. Análise e Extração de Alertas Antecipados sobre Ameaças e Incidentes de Segurança em Sistemas Computacionais Usando Fontes de Dados não Estruturados. 2016. PhD
. Rafael Perazzo Barbosa Mota. Mecanismos para a Melhoria do Desempenho de Sistemas RFID Passivos. 2015. PhD
. Guilherme Werneck de Oliveira. Mitigação de Ataques DDoS na IoT por meio de Aprendizado de Máquina e Virtualização de Funções de Rede. 2022. MSc.
. Fatemeh Mosaiyebzadeh. Energy-Efficient Virtual Network Function Placement Based on Metaheuristic Approaches. 2020. MSc.
. Lucas Dario. Estudo Sobre Redes Definidas por Software Aplicado em Jogos Digitais. 2019. MSc.
. Renan Rodrigo Barbosa. Migração de Redes Tradicionais para SDN. 2018. MSc.
. Diego de A. M. Camarinha. Análise de Desempenho do nsQUIC: um Módulo para Simulação do Protocolo QUIC. 2018. MSc.
. Albert De La Fuente. Energy-Eficient Virtual Machines Placement. 2015. MSc.
. Max Rosan dos Santos Junior. Mecanismos para Consolidação de Servidores. 2014. MSc.
. Patricia Araujo de Oliveira. Seleção de Serviços Web em Coreografias. 2014. MSc.
. Eduardo Hideo Kuroda. Análise de Desempenho de Interfaces de Rede Virtualizadas com NAPI. 2013. MSc.
. Victoriano Alfonso Phocco Diaz. Detecção de Violações de SLA em Coreografias de Serviços Web. 2013. MSc.
. Jessica Yumi Nakano Sato. Utilização de Animações para Comparação de Hashes em Votação Eletrônica via Internet. 2022. Scientific Initiation
. Henrique Araújo de Carvalho. Comparação de Hashes Criptográficos com Animações.. 2022. Scientific Initiation
. Bruno Almeida Carneiro da Cunha. Integração e análise de desempenho do protocolo MQTT na plataforma InterSCity.. 2022. Capstone Project and Scientific Initiation
. Davi de Menezes Pereira. Processamento paralelo com plataformas de computação de baixo custo para análise de grandes volumes de dados de segurança. 2021. Capstone Project and Scientific Initiation
. Renê Eduardo Pereira Cardozo. Simulação de protocolos da camada de transporte na Internet das Coisas. 2021. Capstone Project and Scientific Initiation
. Diego Ignacio Zurita Rojas. Classificação de requisições HTTP maliciosas por meio de aprendizagem de máquina. 2021. Capstone Project
. Lucas Seiki Oshiro. Análise de Desempenho de Computadores de Baixo Custo em um Sistema de Detecção de Intrusão. 2019. Capstone Project and Scientific Initiation
. Victor Andreas Sprengel. Detecção de Incidentes de Segurança em Redes por meio de uma Arquitetura para Análise de Grandes Volumes de Dados. 2019. Capstone Project
. Leonardo de Carvalho Freitas Padilha Aguilar. Análise do Uso de SDN para Balanceamento de Carga. 2018. Capstone Project and Scientific Initiation
. Lucas Stefan Abe. Arquitetura e Escalabilidade das Criptomoedas Baseadas em Blockchain. 2018. Capstone Project
. Gabriel Torres Gomes Pato. Um Estudo Empírico de Composições de Serviço: Efeitos da Variação de Redundância e Confiabilidade dos Papéis. 2016. Capstone Project
. Daniel Quadros de Miranda. Um Servidor HTTP/2 Reativo em Scala. 2015. Capstone Project
. Renato Scaroni. Desenvolvimento de um Protocolo de Rede Local P2P e de um Plugin para o Motor de Jogos Unity 3D. 2014. Capstone Project
. Jackson José de Souza. Identificação de Alertas de Segurança Virtual Veiculados em Redes Sociais. 2014. Capstone Project
. Alberto Bueno Júnior. neteVolve: Algoritmo e Simulador para Evolução de Redes Complexas. 2013. Capstone Project
. Henrique Gemignani Passos Lima. Etherclan -- Rede peer-to-peer Descentralizada para Localização de outros Usuários. 2013. Capstone Project
. Pedro Paulo Vezzá Campos. Algoritmos de Escalonamento para Redução do Consumo de Energia em Computação em Nuvem. 2013. Capstone Project
. Renato Avila dos Santos and Tonny Costa Cordeiro. Uma Biblioteca para Comunicação Ciente de Localização Geográfica entre Dispositivos Móveis. 2012. Capstone Project