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M. Angela Weiss

[Photo by Gabriel Weiss Roma, 1999]


P=NP and my failure proof

  • What Can I Share
  • Example 1. A simple Game
  • ���� A 3-SAT solved in polinomial time and space

  • Example 2. A 3-Sat into a game. Introduction
  • Example 2. A 3-Sat into a game
  • Example 2. A 3-Sat and its closed intervals
  • Example 2. Linearized version

    ���� A closed digraph turned into a Linearized digraph

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    University of Sao Paulo
    Department of Mathematics
    CP 66281
    Sao Paulo, SP 05315-970


    (011) 3091-6383


    B152, bloco B, IME-USP


    Biographical Information

    In 1983, Professor Weiss completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Sao Paulo at Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she also obtained her MSc Degree, in 1987. She graduated in 1999, obtaining her doctorate degree from City University of New York. At Sao Paulo University, she usually teaches Calculus and Linear Algebra. Lately, Professor Weiss enjoys very much teaching Calculus to IAG students, a very clever bunch of people!



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