A Simple algorithm to show that either P=NP or P≠NP

I wrote a “proof” that P=NP. Of course, I’ve found a fatal flaw in my writings. It was expected, more than expected, but I learned that 3-SAT splits in two categories, so, I took a time to organize the non-spoiled part of my writings. The result is that there is a subcategory of 3-SAT in which the decision process – satisfiable or not satisfiable – can be performed in polynomial time and space. After some time, finally, I could generalize the result. Any 3-SAT formula can be reduced and, therefore. Can be solved in polynomial time and space.

I wrote, and submitted, a paper in which I deal with this class of 3-SAT. I only got several rejections, all of them based in such a misuse and lack of knowledge of Boolean Logic and I could not contest desk reject based in elementary mistakes the referee or editor wrote just to get rid of my draft. There was no appeal and the reject was definitive, no matter it was besed in a misuse of elementary Boolean Logic rules! I am aware that, if there is an error in my draft, it is not a basic mistake. Besides, I’ve heard things like; “Everyone in Computer Science knows that P is diferent from NP”, or “Mathematicians can’t read and understand a single paper about Turing machines! They don’t have our skills!” or “Your assessment is wrong because you are not a native speaker!” I never could accept so twisted arguments. I decided that there are doors in the thick wall.

After some work, I throw away all the round abouts in my draft. If there is a path, we must travel light!I finally saw that there is no a new classification of 3-SAT formulas and all of them, afeter some work, can be solved in ploynomial time and space. There was a way out. There was a door.

Open the DOORS! There is a totally new, not always a paradise filled with Angelical music and sweet flowers odor open in the apparent solid wall. The advantade of opening the cracks in the strong, and massive, in apparence, walls is that, for good or worse, it unvels the truth or, at least, scares the ghost of ilusion.