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Who am I?

This is one of the hardest questions one should try to answer. So, instead trying to unsucessfully answer it, I'll try to say what I do, what I like to do and what I would like to do. If it is important to you, there is a picture of me hovering or clicking the mouse on the selected region!

I live in São Paulo, Brazil and I'm a professor at IME-USP with many other interests and activities besides math. The main subject of my research are isometric immersions theory and I intend do start studying mean curvature flows.

My public keys, for verifying signed and encrypted files/e-mails are:

I'm also a very happy man for I have the most lovely wife and children a man could have. They give me strength when I need, and it happens a lot... I love you!

You can get a copy of my curriculum vitae here or access my curriculum at the Lattes system here.

The other thing I really love is music. I don't have, like most people do, a favorite style but there is a little inclination to jazz and heavy metal. A few of my favorite bands/musicians are (in alphabetical order, regardless the "style"): After Forever, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Charlie Parker, Chick Corea, Djavan, Dr. Sin, Dream Theater (mostly until 2000), Egberto Gismonti, Frank Zappa, George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Joe Pass, Joe Satriani, John Coltrane, John Scofield, Liquid Tension Experiment, Michel Leme, Miles Davis, Mike Stern, Nightwish, Opeth, Pat Metheny, Rush, Steve Vai, Symphony X, Tom Jobim and Wes Montgomery, among many others (sorry if I forgot someone). I try to play the guitar and this is one thing I would like to do more than a 24-hour day allows me.

I also love computers and, unfortunately, spend too much time with them (this is one thing that consumes hours that should be used to more human things). I run Debian Linux on my own computers. This is what I have working by now:

and my retired equipment: the amazing Athlon 800MHz (working with me since 2002) and in use by my friend Rogério Brito; my old notebook Dell Latitude 110L that stopped working due to some power circuitry problem; Acer aspire 3690 (running Windows XP, Leopard MacOSX and, of course, Debian ones);

If you want to know more or talk about some of my (or yours) interests feel free to write to lymber (at) {ime.usp.br, gmail.com}. It will be a pleasure to give you a reply.

I'm an advocate of free software. A funny quote about open source software can be found here. For more information about the "good side" characters click here, here and here.

And remember:

About this page

This page was born from the idea of redesigning my old page on the internet. Like this things that no one can explain, a friend of mine show me a site where there are many HTML and CSS templates which are licensed under GNU Public License. Browsing over these templates I found one called Minimalistic (one simple word that I love) and so I downloaded it and made some modifications to make it even more simple and pleasant to look at (in my opinion, of couse). You may use this style if you like it.

One thing I am proud to say is that the HTML and CSS used here are totally hand-coded using GNU Emacs.

I believe that every page on the net should follow the W3C standards, but unfortunately this is not the case. This is other thing I am proud: both HTML and CSS in this page, and all "subpages", are valid, as you may check on the links at the end of every page of mine. If this page looks "messy" the problem is with the browser you are using. For this reason I suggest you a browser that is totally compliant with the W3C standards like Iceweasel, Konqueror, Safari, Camino or Opera.

This site has the four main sections you see in the menu above:

On the right side you may find links and news related to the section you are in.

Hope the efforts to maintain this page worth your attention and that your navigation be as pleasantly as possible. Feel free to write me at lymber (at) {ime.usp.br,gmail.com} to comment this page or to point out some bugs you find on it.