Department of Computer Science
Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME)
University of São Paulo (USP) - Brazil

The CCSL DevOps group is interested in the DevOps movement and its consequences for the software industry.

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We are in the moment researching about how to organize teams and departments for managing infrastructure in the context of continuous delivery.

The DevOps movement has emerged by advocating a closer collaboration between software developers and operators, the people who manage the production service infrastructure. But the high degree of automation of solutions born from this collaboration, combined with continuous delivery, brought many other impacts over the software-producing organizations. We believe such impacts are also related to the ways of structuring teams and departments, considering the different roles of people involved in producing software. One example is when development teams take responsibility for infrastructure management. It is about these possible ways of structuring people around infrastructure management we are studying.

“Continuous delivery” means that after developing a system increment, the deployment at production is achieved by the issue of a simple command or the press of a single button. This flow is implemented by which is called the “deployment pipeline.”

We expect our research to help many software-developing organizations worldwide in taking more informed decisions about organizing people for managing infrastructure in the context of continuous delivery.

We are approaching this research by interviewing industry professionals working with products delivered by a continuous delivery flow. Details about our research protocol are here.

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