EBEB 2014

12th Brazilian Meeting on Bayesian Statistics

March, 10-14, 2014 – Hotel Fazenda Hípica Atibaia – Atibaia – SP – Brazil
The Brazilian Meeting on Bayesian Statistics (EBEB) is in its twelfth edition. This series of meetings aims at strengthening the research on Bayesian methods and widening their application. It also provides an environment where Brazilian and international researchers collaborate, present their most recent developments and discuss on open problems. EBEB also allows graduate students to make contacts with experienced researchers. This year's meeting has a particular focus on discussing recent developments in the many viewpoints of Bayesian statistics, such as computational, theoretical, methodological and applied views.

EBEB 2014 will take place in Atibaia city, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil from March 10 to 14, in a beautiful country-side hotel ( http://www.hotelfazendaatibaia.com.br/) specialized in horse riding. This is precisely one week after the famous Brazilian carnival. The venue is conveniently placed near to Sao Paulo-Guarulhos international airport (40-minute trip; the organization will coordinate means to help participants to reach the venue).

Full papers accepted to the proceedings will be published in a book from the series "Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics" (http://www.springer.com/series/10533).

EBEB has been organized by ISBrA – the Brazilian chapter of ISBA – since its 6th meeting in 2002, in the occasion of the First Latin American Bayesian Congress (Cobal I).

email: isbra-ebebime.usp.br
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