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At ICRA XI in Pátzcuaro, Mexico (2004), the Scientific Advisory Committee decided to establish an ICRA Award, to be awarded at each session of ICRA for outstanding work by young mathematicians in the field of Representations of Finite Dimensional Algebras. At ICRA XII in Toruń, Poland 2007, the inaugural ICRA Award has been awarded to Osamu Iyama (Nagoya University, Japan), for his original and influential work on developing a 'higher' theory for almost split sequences and Auslander correspondence, and his subsequent work on Calabi-Yau categories, which have strong connections with the cluster algebras of Fomin-Zelevinsky. The chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee and of the Selection Committee was Professor Andrzej Skowroń'ski.

At ICRA XIII, in São Paulo, Brazil 2008, the Scientific Advisory Committee decided that there will be given, exceptionally, two awards whose corresponding certificates were the following.


  • Oppermann
  • Burban