Accepted papers

Long papers

Daniela Schmidt, Rafael Bordini, Felipe Meneguzzi and Renata Vieira Task ontology for collaborative multi-agent systems
Ramilton Costa Gomes Júnior and Renata Silva Souza Guizzardi An Empirical Study to validate the Use of Ontological Guidelines in the Creation of i* Models
Felipe Massicano, Ariane Sasso, Henrique Tomaz, Michel Oleynik, Calebe Nobrega and Diogo Patrão An Ontology for TNM Clinical Stage Inference
Cristine Griffo, Joao Paulo Almeida and Giancarlo Guizzardi A Systematic Mapping of the Literature on Legal Core Ontologies
Erick Bastos, Monalessa Barcellos and Ricardo Falbo Exploring Ontologies for Semantic Documentation in Project Management
Paulo Hauck, Regina Maria Maciel Braga Villela, Fernanda Campos, Tiago Torrent, Ely Matos and José David Supporting FrameNet Project with Semantic Web technologies
Cleyton Rodrigues, Fred Freitas and Ryan Ribeiro De Azevedo OCIP – An OntoClean Evaluation System Based on a Constraint Prolog Extension Language
Rebeca Barros, Pedro Kislansky, Laís Salvador, Reinaldo Almeida, Matthias Breyer and Laia Gasparin Pedraza EDXL-RESCUER ontology: an update based on Faceted Taxonomy approach
Matheus Silva Mota and André Santanchè Conceiving a Multiscale Dataspace for Data Analysis
Humberto L. O. Dalpra, Gabriella C. B. Costa, Tássio F. M. Sirqueira, Regina Braga, Fernanda Campos, Cláudia M. L. Werner and José Maria N. David Using Ontology and Data Provenance to Improve Software Processes
Mara Abel, Joel Luis Carbonera, Sandro Rama Fiorini, Luan Garcia and Luiz Fernando De Ros The Multiple Applications of a Mature Domain Ontology
Raphaela Nunes, Adriana Vivacqua, Maria Luiza Campos and Ana Carolina Almeida Measurement Ontology Pattern Language Applied to Networking Performance Measurement Domain

Short papers (posters)

Tâmara Reis and Paulo Silva A model for the construction of an inter-domain ontology: Corporate Sustainability Index and the G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative
Aline Souza, Carlos Bazilio and Adriana Pereira De Medeiros An Application Ontology to Support the Access to Data of Medical Doctors and Health Facilities in Brazilian Municipalities
Lucelene Lopes, Maria Jose Bocorny Finatto, Alena Ciulla and Renata Vieira Abordagens para Estimar Relevância de Relações Não-Taxonômicas Extraídas de Corpus de Domínio
Lucelia Pinto Branquinho, Maurício Barcellos Almeida and Renata Maria Abrantes Baracho Ontologies in support of data-mining based on associated rules: a case study in a medical diagnosis company
Adriano N. de Souza and Adriana P. de Medeiros BLO: Batata Lake (Oriximiná/PA) Application Ontology
Patrícia Cavoto and André Santanchè Annotation-Based Method for Linking Local and Global Knowledge Graphs
Joel Carbonera and Mara Abel Extended ontologies: a cognitively inspired approach
Luana Loubet Borges and André Santanchè Unificando a Comparação e Busca de Fenótipos em Model Organisms Databases
Anderson Beraldo De Araújo, Mateus Zitelli and Vitor Gabriel De Araújo An ontology of organizational knowledge


The seminar proceedings are available here (full PDF version) and here (CEUR Workshop Proceedings).