General registration starts: November 1st 2019
    Registration of accepted submission: January 17th 2020
      Disclosure of selected submissions: January 10th 2020
        Deadline for submission of papers: December 13th 2019 (extended to December 20th 2019)
          Registration Fees: Registration fees will cover expenses not foreseen by funding agencies such as making badges, spending on coffee breaks, and others. The rates are in the table below, where partner refers to ISBRA.

          TYPES OF WORKS

          1. Poster: 4 to 6 page extended SUMMARY, with abstract, title and author (PDF format). They may submit professional papers, researchers, teachers and undergraduate and postgraduate students.

          2. Oral Communication: FULL WORK in article and abstract format, with title and author (s). They may submit professional papers, researchers, teachers and undergraduate and postgraduate students. A paper submitted for oral presentation may, at the discretion of the Scientific Committee, be accepted as a poster.


          1) POSTER and Oral Communication

          • a) To submit a summary, the responsible author must send the pdf of the paper to and in the subject field put the type of Oral or Poster work;
          • b) Each entry will allow the submission of only one (01) abstract as the first author. There is no co-authoring limit on abstracts that are entered under the name and entries of other authors;
          • c) The limit number of authors for each poster is ten (10) authors;
          • d) The communication of the exhibition time and place will be made by the Scientific Committee, through the e-mail of the author responsible for the registration;
          • e) The Poster Title must be the same as the Abstract Title submitted to the Scientific Committee;
          • f) Works that do not comply with the standards presented here will not be evaluated;
          Submission must contain:
          • Work Title;
          • Author and Responsible for the presentation of the work and Institution of Origin;
          • Name of Other Authors and Institutions of each;
          • Summary of Work Performed (up to 2,000 characters), submitted in single text;
          • Upload of .PDF file with Extended SUMMARY, containing from 04 to 06 pages.

          Instructions for presenters:

          The poster must be posted between 3:20 pm and 4:40 pm on the day of presentation and removed at the end of the poster session. The maximum dimensions of each poster should be 90 cm wide and 105 cm high.

          Poster should be in English

15th Brazilian Meeting of Bayesian Statistics

Beach Hotel Maresias
Avenida Doutor Francisco Loup, 1109
Maresias Beach, São Sebastião - SP - Brazil