Scientific Committee
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Friday, October 31
Current Lines of Research

15h - 16h30: Sonority as a basis for rhythmic class discrimination
Denise Duarte and Antonio Galves
Advocati Diaboli: Didier Demolin e Davide Gabrielli

16h30-17h: Coffee Break

17h - 18h30: Detecting the rhythm of written texts:
a Variable Length Markov Chain approach

Charlotte Galves and Nancy Lopes Garcia
Advocati Diaboli: Maria Bernadete  Abaurre and Marzio Cassandro

Saturday,  November 1
Current Lines of Research
9h00-10h30:  Looking at the rhythmic classes conjecture with
Statistical Mechanics glasses

Marzio Cassandro
Advocati Diaboli: Maria Bernadete Abaurre e Miguel Abadi

10h30-11h: Coffee Break

Points de repère
11h-12h: Physiological and acoustic correlates of intonation
Didier Demolin

12h-14h: Lunch

15h-15h30: Using different intervals of frequencies to measure

Daniela Fonsechi and Giseli Tordin 
Advocatus Diaboli: Didier Demolin

15h30-16h30: Dependence analysis for acoustic correlates of

Jesus Garcia and Verónica Lópes-Gonzáles
Advocati Diaboli: Denise Duarte e Nancy Garcia

16h30-17h: Coffee Break

17h- 18h30: Secondary stress in two varieties of Portuguese
and the Sotaq optimality based computer program

Arnaldo Mandel and Filomena Sandalo
Advocati Diaboli:
Luciana Storto e Ronaldo Dias

Sunday,  November 2
New Questions and Perspectives of Research

9h-10h: Our starting point revisited: A stochastic model for the syntax-phonology

Antonio and Charlotte Galves
Advocatus Diaboli:
Marzio Cassandro and Luciana Storto

10h30 - 12h30: Stochastic behavior, critical phenomena and rhythmic patterns
Chairperson: Antonio Galves