First Brazilian Workshop in Geometry of Banach Spaces
25-29 August 2014, Maresias

Main speakers

S. A. Argyros (Nat. Tech. U. Athens)

R. Deville (U. Bordeaux)

P. Dodos (U. Athens)

G. Godefroy (Paris 6)

P. Hajek (Czech Acad. & Cz. Polytech. U.)

P. Koszmider (Polish Acad. Warsaw)

V. Pestov (U. Ottawa)

C. Rosendal (U. Illinois Chicago)

G. Schechtman (Weizmann Inst.)

Th. Schlumprecht (Texas A&M)

S. Todorcevic (CNRS Paris & U. Toronto)


The conference will take place at Maresias Beach Hotel, which is located in Maresias (São Sebastião), on the coast of São Paulo state, in Brazil. The nearest airport is São Paulo International Airport. Talks, accommodation and meals will all be organized in the hotel.


Accommodation prices per occupant per night can be found here. All meals are included. The same prices apply to accompanying people.

Participants should contact the hotel directly at in order to make their reservations, indicating the reference "BWB 2014".


We expect the participants to arrive on Sunday 24 afternoon and to leave on Saturday 30 in the morning. We will arrange for several shuttles to take the participants from São Paulo International Airport to the conference hotel at different times of the day (on Sunday, August 24) and back (on Saturday, August 30). The last shuttle from the airport will leave at 6.30pm on Sunday, August 24th. On Saturday, August 30th, the first shuttle is planned to be at the airport at 10am. In case this does not meet your needs, there is also regular public transit from the airport or city center to Maresias, please check here.


Depending on your country of citizenship, you might be required a visa in order to travel to Brazil. Please check the requirements corresponding to your case.


In August, temperature in Maresias can range from 15°C to 30°C.


The Brazilian currency is the real (R$) — in plural, reais. Although international credit cards are widely accepted in general, it is convenient to have some cash (in reais) for small expenses. If you are coming directly to the conference, it is strongly recommended that currency is exchanged at the airport, since there will be no other place to do so in the proximities of the hotel, neither to get cash from bank machines.


No special health precautions are needed, unless you intend to travel to Amazonia. If you plan a trip to northern or western Brazil, please check with us regarding recommended vaccinations.

Scientific committee

J. M. F. Castillo (U. Extremadura)

V. Ferenczi (U. São Paulo)

R. Haydon (U. Oxford)

W. B. Johnson (Texas A&M)

G. Pisier (Paris 6 & Texas A&M)

Th. Schlumprecht (Texas A&M)

S. Todorcevic (CNRS Paris & U. Toronto)

Organizing committee

F. Baudier (Paris 6 & Texas A&M)

C. Brech (U. São Paulo)

V. Ferenczi (U. São Paulo), chair

E. M. Galego (U. São Paulo)

J. Lopez-Abad (ICMAT)

Sponsors and organizing institutions