Workshop on Combinatorics, Algorithms, and Applications

General Information

The workshop will take place on the Ubatuba beach, northern coast of São Paulo state, from 1st to 5th September 2003. This meeting is being organized by the combinatorics community of Brazil, around the Project "Complexity of Discrete Structures", and it is also part of the activities of the Mathematics Millennium Institute of IMPA (IM-AGIMB).

The workshop is to be held at Hotel Sol e Vida, Rua Domingos Della Mônica Barbosa, 93, Praia da Enseada, Ubatuba. One can find directions to Hotel Sol e Vida here.

Weather forecast: São Paulo, Ubatuba

Plenary Speakers

The organizing committee is in contact with eminent researchers, and hopes to bring them to this meeting. The following researchers have kindly agreed to give invited talks:

Gérard P. Cornuéjols       Carnegie Mellon University
Dwight Duffus       Emory University
Alan Frieze       Carnegie Mellon University
Louis H. Kauffman       University of Illinois at Chicago
Marcos Kiwi       Universidad de Chile
Prabhakar Raghavan       Verity and Stanford University
Bruce Reed       McGill University
Bruce Richmond       University of Waterloo
Marie-France Sagot       INRIA, Rhône-Alpes
Jeremy Spinrad       Vanderbilt University
Jayme Szwarcfiter       Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Esko Ukkonen       University of Helsinki
Alfredo Viola       Universidad de la República

Tourist Information

Although the workshop should be a sufficient motivation for visiting Brazil, the country has in fact many other attractions to offer. Some links you need to help plan a visit to Brazil for business or pleasure can be found at Embratur, the brazilian tourist agency. The Ubatuba Virtual gives you information on experiences and entertainment, restaurants, museums etc.


The conference fee for non ProNEx members is R$ 200 (two hundred reais, the Brazilian currency). Based on funds contributed from sponsors of workshop, the organizing committee is able to provide partial support for participation. Please, to register fill in the registration form.

The list of participants is available here.


The workshop is to be held at Hotel Sol e Vida, Rua Domingos Della Mônica Barbosa, 93, Praia da Enseada, Ubatuba. Some rooms have been pre-booked at hotel. The prices per night are R$ 260 (single), R$ 150 (Double) and R$ 130 (Triple). The prices include all breakfasts, all lunches and the dinner on 31st August.

A wide range of guest-houses and sleep-ins are available in Ubatuba.

How to get there

One can find directions to Hotel Sol e Vida here.

Social Events

There will be a welcome cocktail and a workshop dinner. Participation is included in the conference registration fee.

Program Details

Key portions of the Workshop are the morning and the late afternoon invited talks. We will be adding titles and abstracts for these talks as they become available. There will be also other talks to display the broad scope and exciting research taking place in combinatorics.

A preliminary schedule html-format is available here.

An brand-new updated schedule is available in an ps-file and an pdf-file.

List of Open Problems NEW!

We here collect unsolved problems and conjectures posed during the workshop. The prize for the first one who solves one of these problems is a weekend at the Hotel Sol e Vida.

Further Information

For further information, you are cordially invited to get in touch with

Carlos Eduardo Ferreira (    or    Yoshiharu Kohayakawa (

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