Super Ultimate Windows Shortcut List

Copied ipsis literis from post #1077 dated Oct. 7, 2008, by sevencardz at

According to sevencardz, "This list is limited to Windows shorcuts (as a separate list is appropriate for Mac) and to only those shortcuts which are somewhat universal in nature (do not include shortcuts specific to applications such as Excel, Access, Word, etc., unless added to a separate list)."

For a list of some of these (with more explanations), other specific shorcuts, and also many hints, please look at

Left Click on Item (display shortcut menu)
Single Click on Text (move insertion point here)
Double Click on Text (select this word)
Triple Click on Text (select this block of text)

SPACEBAR (scroll down webpage or text)
TAB (cycle through items)
ALT (focus on the menu bar)
BACKSPACE (go up a folder/go back a webpage)
HOME (move insertion point to beginning of the line/select first item)
END (move insertion point to end of the line/select last item)
ESC (exit full screen/exit print preview/close dialog box)
PRINTSCREEN (copy a screenshot to the clipboard)

CTRL+F (find text)
CTRL+A (select all)
CTRL+C (copy)
CTRL+X (cut)
CTRL+V (paste)
CTRL+Z (undo)
CTRL+Y (redo)
CTRL+S (save)
CTRL+O (open)

CTRL+N (open a new window or file)
CTRL+K (focus on the search bar in web browser)
CTRL+L (focus on the address bar in web browser)
CTRL+T (open a new tab in web browser)
CTRL+I/B/U (toggle italic/bold/underline text)

CTRL+Home/End (move to beginning or end of a document)
CTRL+Move Mousewheel or +/- keys (increase or decrease text size on web page)
CTRL+Click Items (select individual items in a group)
CTRL+Click Weblink (open link in a new tab)
CTRL+Drag Items (copy the selected items)
CTRL+SHIFT+Drag Items (create shortcuts to the selected items)
CTRL+ARROW (move insertion point word by word)
CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW (select text word by word)
CTRL+ESC (open start menu)
CTRL+TAB (cycle through open tabs or documents)
CTRL+F4 (close the open tab or document)

SHIFT+ARROW (select text line by line)
SHIFT+TAB (reverse cycle through items)
SHIFT+SPACEBAR (scroll up webpage or text)
SHIFT+DELETE (delete the selected item permanently)
SHIFT+Insert CD/DVD (prevent autorun on CD/DVD)
SHIFT+F10 (display shortcut menu)

ALT+F4 (close the active program)
ALT+F6 (cycle through windows in the same program)
ALT+ENTER (display properties/toggle fullscreen mode in web browser)
ALT+TAB (switch between open windows)
ALT+ESC (cycle through windows in the order they were opened)
ALT+SPACEBAR (display system menu for the active window)
ALT+LEFT/RIGHT ARROW (navigate forward and backward in web browser)
ALT+D (focus on the address bar in web browser)
ALT+T (open a new tab in web browser)
ALT+W (close tab in web browser)

CTRL+ALT+DELETE (open task manager)
CTRL+SHIFT+ESC (open task manager)
CTRL+ALT+ARROW (flip the screen in the specified direction)
CTRL+ALT+PRINTSCREEN (copy only the active window to the clipboard)

Windows+E (open windows explorer)
Windows+F (opens file search)
Windows+R (open run dialogue box)
Windows+M (minimize open windows)
Windows+Shift+M (undo minimize open windows)
Windows+D (show desktop)
Windows+L (lock windows)
Windows+Pause/Break (open system properties)
Windows+Tab (cycle through taskbar items)

F1 key (open help menu)
F2 key (rename the selected item)
F3 key (open search screen menu/open find menu for text)
F4 key (focus on the address bar)
F5 key (refresh the active window/paste timestamp in text)
F6 key (cycle through the elements in a window)
F7 key (spell check)
F10 key (focus on the menu bar)
F11 key (toggle maximize or minimize web browser)

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