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Welcome to the home of uplink, a free network server intended to manage the typical internal and dialup communication needs for a small office. It's a cheap and ready-to-use solution that provides email, fax, Internet access, web and files mirroring features, and dialin support for the office LAN. Yet under development, uplink is already being used in a handful installations. The development platform is Linux. Tests on FreeBSD are starting now. Win32 clients are supported.


Feb 8 1999 - released version 0.9f:

Feb 3 1999 - released version 0.9e:

Dec 11 1998 - released version 0.9d
Dec 11 1998 - fixed a minor bug on client death detection
Dec 11 1998 - uplink.html heavily updated


A tutorial-style article on uplink is currently the main documentation of the package.

We're offering also an introduction to modems and serial ports usage under Linux (portuguese only by now).


A screenshot of the win32 client is available


The entire package is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Download version 0.9g
Older versions