Ispell dictionary for brazilian portuguese

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This is version 2.4 (October 1999) of the free ispell dictionary br.ispell for brazilian portuguese. It's available here for download as br.ispell-2.4.tar.gz , under the terms of the GNU GPL . You can freely redistribute and/or use it for spelling checking through ispell . It can also be freely used for other purposes, as far as the resulting work remain free. The main page (in portuguese) for this dictionary is .

Current status is good enough to be used for daily needs. This dictionary is being developed in a structured way. Verbs are treated apart by a specific software, a verb conjugator ( conjugue ). Names are partitioned into semantic classes to make vocabulary completion and revision easier. Please send your questions and/or comments to (Ricardo Ueda Karpischek).

The affix file br.aff can be downloaded separately.

p.s. You can find another ispell dictionary for portuguese (as spoken in Portugal) at .