Charlotte Galves

IEL - Unicamp

1. Clitic Placement in European Portuguese: Results from the Tycho Brahe Corpus
- Charlotte Galves, Helena Britto & Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa
4. Sonority as a Basis for Rhythmic Class Discrimination (pdf) [ppt]
Antonio  Galves, Jesus Garcia, Denise Duarte e Charlotte Galves

7. The Sotaq optimality based computer program and secondary stress in two varieties of Portuguese
- Maria Bernadete Abaurre, Charlotte Galves, Arnaldo Mandel e Filomena Sandalo

11. Morphological annotation system for automated tagging of eletronic textual corpora: from English to Romance Languages
- Helena Britto, Charlotte Galves,  Ilza Ribeiro, Marina Augusto e Ana Paula Scher

13. A statistical-physics approach to language acquisition and language change. (pdf)
- Marzio Cassandro, Pierre Collet, Antonio  Galves, Charlotte Galves