The workshop will take place at CEBIMAR, the Center for Marine Biology of University of Sao Paulo, located in the coastal city of São Sebastião, 200 km from the city of Sao Paulo. The exact location can be seen on this map.

The main topics are Surface dynamics and related fields such as geometric group theory, mapping class groups and 3-manifolds. This website is under construction and will be updated whenever new information becomes available. The workshop is an official BREUDS event.


Slides of talks

Conference pictures: [1] [2]

Attention: Bus departure time. Since most participants are arriving earlier, we set the departure time of the conference bus for Sunday at 2:00 pm, from Lorena Hotel. Those who arrive from abroad later on sunday and cannot make it to the bus will be taken to São Sebastião by car with one of the organizers (we will contact you later).

Program and abstracts are now available.

Practical information

The temperature in São Sebastião in April should be comfortable; check here for more details. Rain is common at this time of the year, so we recommend that you bring an umbrella. Since CEBIMAR is located inside a natural reserve, mosquitoes are common so we strongly recommend that you bring a mosquito repellent.

CEBIMAR has its own beach which can be used by visitors. However, they do not provide beach towels, so you should bring your own towel if you plan on going for a swim there.


We have arranged lodging for the participants in the following locations:

The two first hotels are located on Barequeçaba beach. CEBIMAR also has its own beach, but if you plan on going for a swim there (which may be worthwhile) you should bring your own towel, as they do not provide beach towels.

For those who need to spend one or more nights in Sao Paulo city, we made reservations at Lorena Hotel.

To reach Lorena hotel from the airport

We will contact directly those participants that we are able to pick up at the airport. For the remaining participants: to reach Lorena Hotel from Guarulhos International airport by taxi, we recommend the taxi service Guarucoop. They have a reception desk at the exit gates and arrival sectors, where you can pay in advance with cash or credit card. The price should be around R$ 125 (US$ 55).

An alternative way is to take a bus from "Airport Bus Service" with the route Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos -> Av. Paulista" which costs R$ 36,50, and exit near Consolação metro station (or at the final stop, which is a bit farther away) and then a taxi to Lorena Hotel (which should be around R$ 20 at most).

Transportation to São Sebastião

There will be a conference bus from Sao Paulo to CEBIMAR. We recommend this option for all participants who are able to take it. Those coming from abroad on sunday too late to catch the bus will go to São Sebastião by car with one of the organizers (we will contact you).

  • From Sao Paulo to CEBIMAR: Sunday 6 at 2:00 pm departing from Lorena Hotel
  • From CEBIMAR to Sao Paulo Friday 11 after lunch.

For those who prefer to or need to reach São Sebastião directly, there are direct buses from the international airport of São Paulo (Guarulhos) to São Sebastião, which is a 4 or 4:30 hours trip. If you are already in São Paulo city, there are direct buses departing from Tiete bus terminal. Please contact us if you're planning to take one of these options so that we can help with the arrangements and possibly pick you up at the São Sebastião bus station.

If you are in Rio de Janeiro, another option is to take a direct bus from Rio to São Sebastião, with travel time of 7 to 7:30 hrs. Again, let us know if you plan to take this option.

The taxi fare from São Sebastião bus terminal to CEBIMAR or Barequeçaba praia should be around R$ 25. Alternatively, instructions on how to reach those places by bus can be found here.

Minicourses (abstracts)

  • Danny Calegari (Universtiy of Chicago): Surfaces, dynamics and 3-manifolds
  • Michael Handel (CUNY): Outer automorphisms of free groups and mapping class groups

Speakers (abstracts)

Alejandro Passeggi  John Franks Pablo Dávalos
Danny Calegari Juliana Xavier Patrice Le Calvez
Emmanuel Militon Luis Hernández-Corbato Philip Boyland
François Béguin Marc Bonino Sonja Stimac 
Frederic Le Roux Mario Ponce Sylvain Crovisier
Jan Boronski Meysam Nassiri Tobias Jäger
Jason Behrstock Michael Handel Toby Hall
Javier Ribón Nancy Guelman

Full list of participants

Adriana da Luz Jan Boronski Michael Handel
Alejandro Kocsard Jason Behrstock Minoru Akiyama
Alejandro Passeggi  Javier Correa Nancy Guelman
André de Carvalho Javier Ribón Pablo Dávalos
Andres Koropecki Jingzhi Yan Patrice Le Calvez
Begoña Alarcón John Franks Philip Boyland
Braulio Augusto Garcia Jonatan Conejeros Pierre-Antoine Guihéneuf
Carolina Puppo Juliana Xavier Pilar Lorenzo
Danny Calegari Juliette Bavard Raibel Arias
Emiliano Sequeira  Luis Hernández-Corbato Salvador Addas-Zanata
Emmanuel Militon Luis Piñeyrúa Sonja Stimac 
Fabio Tal Marc Bonino Sylvain Bonnot
Fernanda Pereira Rodrigues Marcel Vinhas Bertolini Sylvain Crovisier
François Béguin Mario Ponce Tobias Jäger
Frederic Le Roux Mario Shannon Toby Hall
Gabriel Fuhrmann  Martín Sambarino
Guilherme Salomão Meysam Nassiri


Please contact us at
surfaces at ime. or directly with one of the organizers