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[Home Page Under construction] Sorry... This page is under construction (as are a lot of them in WWW...), but I think it'll have a major update very, very soon.

Who am I?

I'm an undergraduate student of Statistics (among other things in my University, I will take part of Programa de Iniciação Científica with Clélia Maria de Castro Toloi) here at IME - USP (Instituto de Matemática e Estatística of Universidade de São Paulo) - hey! where is Computer Science in the name of the Institute? (it was unconsidered, because of un student named Rogério Brito).


Currently, my main interests are:

Well, but my interests are not necessarily in this order. :)

A few links

Some other good pages can be found at:

  • Daniel Tausk - This is a really good home page that has some links to texts he has written. It has the potential to be a really good page in the future, as he learns more about HTML.
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  • Warning: These pages are not written in English. So, you can send mail to their owners to see if they will do something... They're very lazy! :)

    This is my second attempt in writting a web page; so this isn't necessarily very good. If you like this page, please let me know. If you didn't like this page, let me know too. I'm very anxious to receive some feedback.

    I'm really interested in discussing other things that are not listed here. Send me some e-mail!.


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