Rodrigo De Castro

Sr. Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
BSc in Computer Science (2000)
MSc in Computer Science (2003)

Universidade de São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil


I graduated from Universidade de São Paulo and since then have focused on software development and architecture. My technical skillset is very broad, including from Linux kernel development to large corporate systems in Java and C.

Although I am primarily a technical person, I had the opportunity of gaining business experience by being part of startups bootstraps (as employee, partner and, only founder). On the management side, I have coordinated teams, managed projects, and was the lead developer for pre-sales presentations and international proofs of concept.

I am a dual-citizen (Brazil/Italy) and my main passion is to make progress in all areas of life. My hobbies include reading, listening to music (classical/blues/jazz), watching movies and jogging.

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LinkedIn (Resume)

Compressed Cache SourceForge
MSc Dissertation (in Portuguese)
SBAC 2003 Paper


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