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14 July

Not many news today. I guess that that is what one gets after a period of hectic activity. Which is nice, as I needed to be a bit calmer or else things could get pretty sad from a health perspective.

09 May

My dissertation is basically finished now. All chapters are either already completely written or they have only details left (like changing the language, checking the correctness of proofs etc). The first two chapters are almost consumer-ready. The others are what is worrying me.

And now things are just a bit different, as it seems that I have a kind of deadline to worry about. A hard deadline, that is. It's 25th of June, which must not be missed.

12 Mar

I have to finish the 5th chapter of my dissertation.
I have to finish the 5th chapter of my dissertation.
I have to finish the 5th chapter of my dissertation.

11 Mar

Woke up without sleeping as much as I wanted. Fine.

Wrote yet another bit about HMMs for the last chapter of my Master's work. This time it was about the training process of a HMM and the Baum-Welch algorithm. It seems to make perfect sense, even if you haven't seen the proof that it is a special case of the EM algorithm. It also seems to be slow.

I typed what I wrote.

And sarge is being updated again. Hooray

10 Mar

Finally got myself Opeth's brand new (actually, not even released) album, Damnation.

Cooked my first bread! Amazingly fun! I even took a picture to document this special day.

Updated my father's computer, installed the tax program and installed Mozilla for him.

Wrote another bit about HMMs for my Master's work.

27 Jan

Today I got myself a new bootleg, from Opeth's current tour. I haven't had time to actually listen to it, but it sounds good so far (obviously, it is just an audience recording -- no soundboard quality expected).

I also took away some bureacratic requirements regarding my course.

And today is my students' "mid-term". Let's see how they fare at that.

26 Jan

Typed a loooot of things for the 5th chapter of my Master's dissertation. The 5th chapter went from 10 pages to 17 pages in Computer Modern 10pt. The whole dissertation goes from 90 pages to more than 105 pages if I increase the font size from 10pt to 11pt (and this is how it is going to be submitted).

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