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29 Dec

It's been quite a while since I last updated my diary. Many things preventing me from updating it, which is good (well, at least part of the things are good).

Been working towards finishing my M.Sc. degree. It seems that the end never comes!

I've also been using MacOS X (Jaguar) a lot lately. In some ways, it is a nice operating system. But the lack of a real package management system is a bad thing. I think that I've been spoiled by Debian's incredible (and clean) service. Unfortunately, Fink isn't as good as Debian. And there are quite few programs in binary form from Fink. And they don't have a menu system like Debian's menu. And they don't even have Windowmaker available! And AUCTeX. etc

Saw that Limewire is uploaded to Debian's incoming repository, which is cool. Also discovered this muttprint package, which sounds promising. Packaged for Debian also, of course.

10 Oct

The BBC has a nice article about evolution. Of humans. Here.

Some time ago, I found this nice argument (on Slashdot) for why people should use OpenOffice instead of Microsoft's Office suite:

"I see you're still using traditional software on your computer, Bob. Don't you know that stuff is susceptible to Microsoft Outlook viruses? Have you tried Openoffice? It's free! It's free because it is developed using a leading-edge development method that's superior to the old-fashioned way that Microsoft develops software. Microsoft software is expensive because the conventional methods they use to create it are inefficient. That's why there are so many Microsoft viruses around. There aren't any OpenOffice viruses. Why don't you give it a try?"

23 Ago

Tried to go to my university, to see a seminar or the Steiner Problem in Graphs, without success (the traffic didn't let me arrive). Came back home and decided that it would be nice to visit my uncle's store. He was leaving early to catch the last hours of this year's Comdex and I went with him (he gave me an pass).

Its always nice to see all those exposition stands "competing" to see which one has got the prettiest models. And it was also nice to see that flat panels are invading the market, but I wonder how much time it will take before they are "purchaseable", especially for a graduate student.

22 Ago

Learned today that the "Four Russians' Method" applied to dynamic programming is able to achieve a complexity of O(n^2/log n), which is a theoretical improvement over the classic dynamic programming method.

Who would guess that a person from a distant country can make you happier than most people from your own country?

19 Ago

My father travelled to Lucélia today.

To break the tradition, I took the later part of the day to visit my uncle's place with my mother to distract myself a bit, something that I need. My uncle cooked some pasta with bacon and we spent some quite nice moments having dinner. It is healthy to do different things in a while.

18 Ago

So, I guess that this is the end of an era. And this is sad.

28 Jul

Something must be clearly wrong when all perspectives for your future are bleak.
Something must be clearly wrong when all perspectives for your near future are bleak.
Something must be clearly wrong when most of the time you all you feel is agony.
Something must be clearly wrong.

27 Jul

Updated lame's Debian packaging a little bit. Now it correctly reports version 3.92. This closed a bug in sourceforge. Some other changes are on the pipeline (like getting rid of the dreaded rpath, with a recipe I got from debian-devel). The only thing remaining is to test it on x86 and powerpc before I commit it.

Worked a little bit (well, not that little) on my Master's thesis, fixing the beginnings of chapter 2.

26 Jul

Fixed some of my e-mail settings and now things seem to be simpler.

25 Jul

Did Luis Buñuel or Salvador Dali have dogs?

Hoje eu me senti invadido.

17 Jul

Maldita Apple! Eu os odeio! Odeio $teve Job$. Vão começar a cobrar um rio de dinheiro pelo iTools, quero dizer, .Mac.

7 Jul

Woke up quite early with that kernel panic bugging me. I read the documentation and the fix for it was to reboot MacOS 9 (which wasn't as simple as it should, since MacOS X apparently de-blessed MacOS 9's System Folder). Anyway, after reusing XPostFacto, the PowerMac booted with MacOS X! Woohoo!

Well, seeing this OS booting on this old computer is quite cool. Well, apart from some severe usability problems and slowness, MacOS X is an amazing operating system. The problem is: it is slow. It is slow with a G3 600MHz (100MHz of bus) with 128MB of RAM and, obviously, much more so with a dual 604e 180MHz with only 64MB of RAM.

BTW, MacOS X isn't able to use both processors when it is booted with XPostFacto.

BTW#2, XFree86's native driver for Mach64 doesn't include support for the XVideo extension.

Also used the client-side of NFS and SMB on MacOS X, which is quite easy to use.

6 Jul

Took the day to see how things regarding the old PowerMac 9500/180MP were with a newer XFree86. Apparently, XFree86 4.2 doesn't support the XVideo extension for the imstt adapter, which is quite a pity.

What this means is that I am not able to use Xine or Mplayer to efficiently play videos on this computer.

I can see some things that make this computer slow:

Anyway, just for fun, I tried to install MacOS X 10.1 on this old computer. The catch is that MacOS X can't be installed on anything this old. Well, at least, that's what Apple says. I had to grab a copy of MacOS 9 (in German!) just to bootstrap the system. Then, using XPostFacto, the installation was quite smooth (and slow). But with one gotcha at the first reboot: a kernel panic.

After that, I went to sleep.

30 May

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

24 April

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

19 April
Wow, so many things going in software-land that if I don't write about soon, I'll probably forget.

The best thing, of course, is that Woody is set to a (tentative) release on May, 1st. This is amazing!

Also, newer versions of the following programs are available: Python 2.2.1, Opera for i386 6.0beta2, Mozilla 1.0RC1, MacOS X 10.1.4, Internet Explorer for MacOS 5.1.4, Fink 4.0, lame 3.92, Chimera 0.2.0, woody's netinst images 20020416, vlc 0.3.0. And I still haven't tried KDE 3.0, Yellowdoglinux 2.2 and XFree86 4.2.0, to name a few (big) new releases. And that's not all: soon there will be newer versions of xine, mplayer, ffmpeg, and kaffe!

So much (new) software, so little time!

And then, somewhere, a Microsoft's spoke-person said something like "the open source people don't know how many things we have done in Windows-land". Well, of course, MacOS X, Internet Explorer and Opera aren't exactly open source. But the amount of new software just released (or in the process of being released) is just so damned huge. I guess, if he only knew (or didn't pretend he didn't know) what the open source community did in the past days, he would be ashamed of his comments. But then, again, it isn't uncommon for people driven by money being, ahem, how can I say, "dishonest".

9 April
Sent an e-mail to the Python Tutor mailing list regarding what I think is a bug. I still think it is.

Opera is growing more and more on me. I think that I will register a copy in the future. It can at least print things which Mozilla can't.

And I really like Nupedia. A great effort which deserves more input.

8 April
Basically did nothing. But my blood went to analysis and a partial result is now available. I think that I'll have to start a diet, cut a bit of the chocolate and start doing (physical) exercises.

Also played a tiny bit with Python. It's starting to grow on me. I'm a newbie right now, but I already found some problems where the Standard Documentation is not entirely clear. And I also found differences of behavior between CPython and Jython regarding the readlines() method of a file object when called with an argument. Is that a bug, perhaps? If it is, then I'm surprised that nobody found it yet.

Subscribed to the Tutor mailing list to see if I am missing something. Cancelled some of my Yahoo! accounts.

Sent an e-mail to my bank telling them that they suck, because their site doesn't work with any of the Linux browsers that I tried (Opera, Mozilla, and Konqueror).

4 April
How can life change so quickly from bad to good? Amazing, ain't it? Had a great time at my SO's place. It was nice to see her get happier, which made me happier.

It was nice to talk to my advisor and see that he (mostly) likes my work. Oh, how I needed those positive, encouraging comments from him.

Found Dream Theater's bootleg at Beacon, with the full version of "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence", on my usual FTP server. New music. Good.

Now, KDE 3.0 is finally launched. It looks so amazing that I can't believe my eyes (err, the screenshots). A big plus for me is the built-in support for WebDAV, which is used by Apple's iTools' iDisk.

In other news, it seems that Megadeth is no more. Quite sad, as I like(d) them.

And OpenOffice 641d, the last version before the 1.0 release, is already available for PPC/Linux. By the way, OpenOffice is a Free and free alternative for Microsoft's Office. It is also available for Microsoft Windows.

And a new version of Blackdown's Java is available for Linux, including PPC.

29 March
Today, I could sleep better, at least.

Also read a tiny little bit about DocBook. Some things still aren't clear on my mind regarding SGML and DocBook, though.

It was nice to have avifile enter woody, which means that now I can use it on PPC.

The bad news of the day is that Iname/Mail.com will not be forwarding mails, starting early next month. Yahoo! is joining them, which means that I'll have to seriously consider using my Mac.com addresses for POP3/IMAP.

Which programming language should I learn? To be sincere, I don't know. I'm under the impression that the combo Python/Jython is what offers me the greatest effort/satisfaction ratio, for many different values of satisfaction.

28 March
Worked a bit more on my Master's Dissertation. It is in a bad state right now, but it seems to be getting somewhere. Where, I don't know.

It is good, because I can keep my mind clear of some nasty subjects.

27 March
Have you ever felt cheated just by watching a movie? I would never think it would be possible, but, in fact, it is. Especially depending on the circumstances. Let me say that again in a different manner. Especially depending on who you talk to during and after the movies.

To be honest, I am sad, feeling weak, like all my energy has been drained. I don't even have the energy to say more about this, even though I want to...

Attended the seminar on Molecular Computational Biology. Worked a bit more on my Master's Thesis.

20 March
Just another common day. Attended the mini-course on Theory of Matroids (which just shown me that I should be studying way, way more) and the seminar on Computational Biology.

Also got the new speakers for my computer, Logitech's Soundman S-4.

19 March
Discovered the amazing AUCTeX. I just can't get enough of it and I'm looking everywhere to find things that I can typeset with LaTeX, just to use AUCTeX. I don't know how I have lived without it this far.

Wrote a bit more of my Master's thesis.

18 March
Typed the remaining bits of the first lecture on the Theory of Matroids.

Read about how one makes a bootable CD for Newworlds with mkisofs: apparently, the needed things are the following:

Sent an e-mail to the bastards at Linux Journal, complaining that I'm not receiving my issues as I should (and my subscription is far from being expired).

Discovered that Apple Brasil is selling iBooks in a promotion for education users. Damn!

17 March
Got mplayer working well in PowerPC (G3, 600MHz), with the new ffmpeg. I had to use -ao sdl to get it working. The video wasn't as smooth as with -ao null, but it was OK, at least. I am under the impression that using -vo sdl:x11 is better than using -vo x11, at least with the Rage Mobility 128. BTW, it was also possible to play DivX 5 movies with this setup (the new Star Wars clip).

The USB keyboard and USB mouse work fine under Linux. It was just a simple matter of recompiling the kernel with USB HID support enabled (in my case, as modules). They also work fine with MacOS X

16 March
Went to see my uncle with my SO. Got myself an USB keyboard with an USB mouse attached (with scroll wheel).

26 February
A new version of Opera for Linux was released, 6.0 Beta 1.

25 February
It's quite hard to study when one has an amazing number of new Opeth bootlegs, including 14 audio bootlegs and 5 video bootlegs. I am simply shocked!

As if those things were not enough (and to make matters worse), 2 new bootlegs in the Dream Theater front appeared:

Wow! I don't have this much bandwidth, damnit!!! I also need to study to present a seminar.

It seems that Dan Bernstein is changing his computers from OpenBSD to FreeBSD. I wonder what the cause could be...

24 February
Did a lot of cleaning in my room. It needed that. Also cleaned a tiny bit of my car. Studied.

1 January
Well, some progress on the PPC front. I've just configured the PMac to use the imstt driver instead of the fbdev. Due to this, the X server is now much faster. In fact, the whole computer is much faster. Before, it spent a lot of processing power just to update the screen. Since it is not exactly the most powerful computer in the world, those few moments indeed were important.

It is very fast and now it is almost able to play AVI files with MPlayer. Almost.

This Mac is now very usable and I'd even dare to say that it would be a good workstation, were it not that outdated (well, if one could find replacement hardware for it easily...)

I think that'll end summarizing all the "Mac Journey" in a homepage to save future souls enduring the problems that I've experienced (kernel configuration file, XF86Config file etc). It seems that Linux running on PPC is indeed a quite nice alternative to paying huge prices just for being able to run MacOS 9.

Also installed the superb Liquid Theme for KDE2. It's amazingly beautiful and quite fast, despite all the eye-candy. It makes your Linux desktop seem like you are running Apple's MacOS X's Acqua.

On the down side of things, I guess that I'm just encountering many aspects of Perl that I don't like. It's saddening that I've spent so much time and money (buying books) for something that I'm not really enjoying (but it's ok).

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