About Me

I'm currently an Instructor of Computer Science and Information Technology of the Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie at São Paulo, Brazil.

Graduate Studies (M.Sc. Degree)

I obtained my M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística of the Universidade de São Paulo.

My advisor was Prof. José Soares and the dissertation subject was "Multiple Sequence Alignment". More information regarding my M.Sc. Degree including its complete text can be obtained from a separate page (in Portuguese).

Undegraduate Studies

During my undergraduate studies, I studied Information Theory and Data Compression under guidance from Prof. José Soares. The focus of the study was in Arithmetic Coding and Modeling for Text Compression.

A very introductory text on Information Theory is available upon request (I intend to put it online soon). The notes produced during my studies are written in Portuguese (sorry, non-native speakers).

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Last modified: 2005-04-09