Numerical Analysis and Computational Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

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Thesis and Dissertations

  • PhD Thesis – Applied Mathematics, USP, 2013 : Analysis of discretizations and interpolations on icosahedral grids and applications to semi-Lagrangian transport models (in portuguese only) – PDF
  • Master Thesis – Applied Mathematics, USP, 2009 : Numerical resolution of partial differential equations using harmonic wavelets  (in portuguese only) – PDF
  • Measure, Analysis, Prediction and Modeling of the Sea Level Post Graduation Specialization Course, USP, 2007 (Dissertation) :  Jason-1: Lendo os dados de altimetria por satélite para o nível do mar(in portuguese only) – PDF
  • Bachelor Degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics, USP, 2006 (Monograph):  O Uso de Modelos Econométricos em Empresas (in portuguese only) – PDF

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