Postdoctoral researcher position

( FAPESP fellowship available )

NAP LabCosmos / NAP e-Science

University of São Paulo, Brazil

Application deadline: May 20, 2014
(Published on March/2014)


    The JPAS project is a Brazilian-Spanish astrophysical project planned to survey 8000 square degrees of the sky in 56 optical bands and expected to observe millions of galaxies, quasars, variable stars and asteroids.

    To make sense of the huge amount of data that will be gathered, an interdisciplinary team effort is needed. We have opened a two-year (renewable) postdoctoral research position in data science, to work on R&D related to the analysis of these data. Specifically, the aim is to develop and validate new computing methodologies to facilitate processing and analysis of these data. A postdoctoral fellowship is available from FAPESP for this position.

    The successful candidate will actively participate in R&D and also in team activities such as organization of seminars, short courses, study group meetings and co-supervision of undergraduate and graduate students. As the work is in the context of a large international program, the postdoctoral fellow will have opportunities to travel a few times a year to interact with the European part of the team. All these activities are related to two Research Support Centers (NAP LabCosmos and NAP e-Science, see below) of University of São Paulo.

Required qualifications / skills
  • PhD degree with strong background in computation (PhD in Computer Science or related fields or proven ability to design and implement computer algorithms/systems)
  • Research experience in one or more of the following areas: signal/image processing, image analysis, pattern recognition/analysis, machine learning, multivariate data analysis
  • Oral and written communication skills (English)
    Additional desired qualifications/skills
    • Knowledge of statistical data analysis
    • Basic knowledge of Astrophysics
    • Proven ability to design data analysis experiments and evaluate their results
    • Programming skills
Application procedure and schedule
    Application deadline: May 20, 2014
    Required documents:
    • CV
    • summary of the doctoral thesis and other relevant works
    • a letter describing personal goals and objectives
    • two letters of recommendation

    The selected candidate will receive a fellowship from FAPESP (São Paulo Research Foundation) corresponding to R$67K/year Brazilian real (which is approx $30.5K/year US Dollar) plus R$9K/year for travel and hardware expenses (approx $4.1K/year US Dollar).

    Please email applications and inquiries to Nina Hirata:

      nina (at) ime (dot) usp (dot) br / nina.hirata (at) gmail (dot) com
      Subject: NAP/USP Postdoc application
NAP LabCosmos / NAP e-Science

    NAP LabCosmos and NAP e-Science are two of the recently created Research Support Centers (NAPs) of University of São Paulo.

    NAP LabCosmos was created to support activities in the context of the Brazilian participation in large sky surveys, such as the JPAS and the PFS projects, both in international collaborations. In the next years, we expect an overwhelming amount of data will become available from these sky surveys, therefore the need to organize the efforts to deal with them. (Coordinator: Prof. Claudia Mendes de Oliveira, IAG/USP)

    NAP e-Science supports initiatives that are concerned with computational issues derived from the big data phenomenon, in several areas such as Astronomy, Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Oceanography, Biomedicine, among others, by developing methods and creating tools to facilitate data storage, data mining, data analysis and data visualization. (Coordinator: Prof. Roberto Marcondes Cesar Jr., IME/USP)

USP - University of São Paulo

IAG/USP - Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences

IME/USP - Institute of Mathematics and Statistics