mod_auth_tkt 1.3


11.04.02: I want to collect some information about how many sites are running this module to publish in this site, so if you're using this module, please send me an email telling me what is your company (or site), why you're using this module, and if you have any suggestions.



First of all, let me say that I didn't develop this module from scratch; I got the original mod_tkt_auth at and changed it to satisfy my needs.

Second, it's my first module, and I had only other modules as documentation (besides what is in the apache modules site), so maybe things could be more elegant.

Finally, what were my needs:



All features presented in the original Ticket Authentication module were kept. In adition, you have:


Success Cases



You can get the latest version here! (mod_auth_tkt 1.3)


Known Bugs



Nothing at the moment! As soon as possible I will write down some thing.
There's some documentation from the original mod_auth_tkt that is included in the tarball.



You can reach me at .
If you have any sugestions or problems, don't hesitate writing me! I can't promise any sort of turnaround, but I'll definitely take any suggestions and such into account.


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