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Livio Baldini Soares

Visit my new webpage at: University of Toronto where I have started my Ph.D. studies.

Previously, I was a:
Master Student of Computer Science
at the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística
in the Universidade de São Paulo.



  • Dilma Menezes da Silva

My main research interests are:

  • Operating Systems in general
    • Design and Infra-Structure
    • Scalalable Algorithms
    • File Systems
    • Memory Management
  • Distributed Systems
  • Parallel Computing


I have joined the Master's program in March 2002. I'll try to keep my research related material here in this section. So far I have:
  • K42 File System (KFS). My main research project is the development of the K42 File System for the Linux Kernel. The K42 operating system is a research operating system, which my advisor, Dilma, is currently working on along with some of other researches at IBM. Their intent is to make a high-performance, scalable and flexible operating system for multiprocessors.

    Read more about some of KFS' objectives at our KFS TWiki page.

  • My Qualification Proposal (in portuguese). In this text, I describe the research project we will pursue. It is entitled: Flexibility in a Componentized File System.

  • My qualification presentation (in portuguese). This is the presentation used during my qualification exam. Here I try to sum up all the ideas proposed in the qualification text (see above).

  • Hurricane File System presentation (in portuguese). This presentation outlines the most influential work in my research, a flexible object-oriented file system for large-scale shared memory multicomputers.

  • Inferno OS presentation (in portuguese), that I presented during Distributed Operating Systems course.


Right now, I have only one publication. But I'm really happy with the result, and proud of the work we were able to put into it.

Open Source Projects

Here are a few projects which I've contributed to:
  • K42
    K42 is a new research operating system for cache-coherent multiprocessors. See the web-page for more information on the project. My involvement with K42 has to do with my master's research, and is focused on building a flexible and efficient file system for both K42 and Linux operating systems.

  • Compressed Caching in Linux VM
    This project introduces compression inside Linux's VM, with automatic adaptivity. It is the main research of a friend, Rodrigo de Castro, here at the university.

  • User Mode Linux
    This is a very cool project which enables you to run (and test) a Linux kernel as a simple Linux process. Very nice for everyone who does kernel hacking. I have made some minor contributions.

  • Dillo Browser
    I'm one of the steady developers of this fun project. I also help to maintain the web page. Oh, and you can also see my list of current patches.
And these are the projects which I just enjoy very much:
  • Gaim
    This is a great Instant Messenger client. With this baby I can connect to ICQ (for friends), AIM (for advisor), Yahoo! (for friends at work), and IRC (for kernel discussion groups like #kernelnewbies).

  • Mutt
    My favorite mail client. I simply adore this client, and nothing will make me want to switch to another... ever! (I used to say this too when I used Emacs' VM ;-).

  • Emacs
    I am an avid user of this wonderful editor. I can't seem to program in anything else! This modest web page was completely constructed using Emacs.

  • Debian
    My favorite GNU/Linux distro.

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