My Curriculum Vitae (pdf in English)
My Curriculum Vitae - (Lattes) (in Portuguese)

Short Bio

I was born in Brazil in 1978. Some time later I received my B.Sc degree in Computer Science in 2000 and M.Sc. degree in 2007 from the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of University of Sao Paulo (IME-USP), Brazil. Meanwhile, I worked for four years as a Software Developer and a System Architect in two companies, Buscapé and Aberium Systems. I'm a supporter of open source projects and agile software developement.

PhD Thesis (2007-2010)

Since October 2007 I work at the Mascotte research group as a PhD student. I've a scholarship from INRIA, France (CORDI grant). My topics of research are concerned on the SPREADS (Safe P2P-based REliable Architecture for Data Storage) project. (more here)

M.Sc. Study (2004-2007)

  • Subject: Evaluation of Evolving Graphs Algorithms for Dynamic Networks
  • Advisor: Alfredo Goldman
  • Manuscript (pdf in Portugese)
  • Slides (pdf in Portugese)
  • This work was done supported by the MOBIDYN project funded by FAPESP and INRIA.

B.Sc. Degree (1997-2000)

Teaching activity


I co-supservised some students during my research.