9o. EBEB

9th Bayesian Brazilian Meeting

Feb, 24-27, 2008

The goals of the Bayesian Brazilian Meetings (EBEB) are to improve scientific research and disseminate recent developments of the Bayesian methodology to the Brazilian Statistical society. The meetings also offer an opportunity to create an environment for new scientific collaborations, to have contact with productive (international and national) researchers and, especially, to introduce students to a scientific environment.

The 9th EBEB will be held in Maresias Beach Hotel (Feb, 24-27, 2008), in the pleasant beach of Maresias in the city of São Sebastião, in the State of São Paulo. The ninth meeting will be dedicated to Professor Carlos Alberto de Bragança Pereira, to thank him for his many contributions in the development of the Bayesian Statistics in Brazil and, more broadly, in Latin America. Professor Carlinhos was a pioneer of the Bayesian thinking in Latin America. He was the adviser of many Ph.D. students, who are now spread throughout many Universities both in Brazil and Latin America. We will also pay a tribute to Professor Pilar Iglesias, who passed away in March 2007 and had a close relationship with the Bayesian Brazilian community. In a special session some researchers will present recent work which were developed in collaboration with her.

EBEB has been organized by ISBrA – the Brazilian chapter of ISBA – since its 6th meeting in 2002, in the occasion of the First Latin American Bayesian Congress (Cobal I).


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Brazilian chapter of ISBA.