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Existe também uma versão em português desta página.

Writing a homepage is a tricky business, when I started this one I expected it to be kind of holder for my Internet stuff, and it still is. But now several pages account for my main interests and the work I'm developping lately. I hope this can help you in some way. Comments are very welcome.

Current Areas (not comprehensive):

A little more about me.

Things I like:

Plastic Arts, Comics!, Music, Mathematics, Martial Arts, Zen, Education, Editorial market, Philosophy, History, Biology, Books, Films, Trips, Theater.

People I admire

(this got a little big to fit here, check the link)

Main interests in Sciences

Founder and member of Grupo Fractarte that makes expositions, lectures and workshops about new forms to view and appreciate math by its artistic side. Especially what comes from fractals. the main goal of the group is to explain and to show, allowing viewers to understand what's going on in the pictures.

Our main work is the exposition "Fractais: Janelas para o Infinito" (Fractals: Windows to the Infinite)

The group is: me, Rodrigo Siqueira and Alexandre Dupont.

Comments, suggestions, etc. to